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How to spell ROTATER correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "rotater", here are some potential correct suggestions: 'rotor,' which refers to a rotating machine part; 'rotor,' meaning a person who serves as a rotating leader, and 'rotor,' a term used in aviation to describe the rotating airfoil that produces lift.

List of suggestions on how to spell rotater correctly

  • notate I'll notate the key changes in the music score so the musicians can follow along easier.
  • Rater The rater gave the film a five-star rating for its exceptional cinematography.
  • ratter
  • roaster I need to buy a new roaster for Thanksgiving so I can make a big turkey.
  • Rooter I need a rooter to fix my sewer.
  • roster The coach is finalizing the roster for the upcoming basketball tournament.
  • rotate
  • rotated
  • rotates The blade of the knife rotates.
  • rotatory The rotatory motion of the Earth on its axis creates day and night.
  • rotted The apple had rotted away in the fruit basket.
  • rotten
  • rotter I can't believe he stole my wallet, he's a real rotter.
  • router I need to reset my router to connect to the internet again.
  • stater The stater is a unit of currency that was widely used in ancient Greece.
  • tater I love a good plate of tater tots with ketchup.
  • totter The toddler began to totter as they took their first steps.
  • trotter She had a trotter that Races around the field.

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