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How to spell ROTERY correctly?

The correct spelling for "rotery" is "rotary". Some suggestions to correct the misspelling include using spell-check or a search engine to find the correct spelling, asking for assistance from someone who knows the correct spelling or referring to a dictionary or style guide.

List of suggestions on how to spell rotery correctly

  • artery The carotid artery provides blood to the brain.
  • eatery I heard that the new eatery in town has the best vegan options.
  • lottery I didn't win the lottery this week, but I'm still hoping for the next one.
  • notary
  • pottery The pottery exhibit at the museum featured ancient Greek vases and modern ceramic sculptures.
  • Rater The rater gave the restaurant two stars out of five.
  • retry
  • rioter
  • rioters Don't let the rioters take over the party!
  • robbery This store was the site of a robbery.
  • rockery She had a rockery in her garden.
  • roguery The old man was known to indulge in roguery and deceitful behavior to get his way.
  • Romero Romero is the new CEO of Romero's Hamburgers.
  • rookery The rookery is a fascinating place to visit.
  • Rooter The plumber came over to fix the clogged pipe and used a rooter to clear out the blockage.
  • Rory Rory is married to Sarah.
  • rosary My mother always tells me to say the rosary before I go to bed.
  • rotary No, I don't want a rotary phone!
  • rote She memorized the multiplication table by rote.
  • rotor The helicopter's rotor propels it through the air.
  • rotors The helicopter's rotors spun rapidly as it lifted off the ground.
  • rotter The detective finally caught the notorious rotter who had been stealing valuable artifacts from museums.
  • router A router is a device which helps to connect disparate networks.
  • routers The company provided us with new routers to improve our internet connectivity.
  • votary I am a votary of the Lord.
  • watery The soup was too watery for my liking.

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