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How to spell ROUAL correctly?

The correct spelling for "roual" is royal. Possible suggestions to correct this misspelling could include using spell-check or a dictionary to ensure correct spelling, proofreading written work before submitting it or practicing spelling through word games or exercises.

List of suggestions on how to spell roual correctly

  • coal The train was powered by coal.
  • coral I saw a beautiful piece of coral at the aquarium.
  • douala
  • dual The car had a dual exhaust system, which gave it more power and a louder sound.
  • foal
  • foul
  • goal
  • moral It is important to have a strong sense of moral values in order to make ethical decisions.
  • oral The dentist recommended that the patient maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly.
  • Raoul Raoul is a skilled musician who plays the guitar brilliantly.
  • Raul
  • real
  • regal The queen looked absolutely regal in her elegant gown and sparkling tiara.
  • renal The patient has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure.
  • rial The currency used in Iran is rial.
  • ritual Every day, I have a morning ritual of drinking a cup of coffee and reading the news.
  • rival The rival school offers a better curriculum.
  • riyal
  • road I drove down the road towards the mountains.
  • roam I plan to roam throughout the city today.
  • roan The horse had a reddish coat that was roan in color.
  • roar When the lion entered the arena, it let out a ferocious roar that shook the ground.
  • ROFL I couldn't stop ROFL when I saw the hilarious meme my friend sent me.
  • roil
  • roll I am going to roll the dice to determine who goes first.
  • rosa Rosa is my favorite color of flower.
  • rota As he drove along the promenade, he noticed a woman tossing a rota back and forth between her hands.
  • rouble
  • roue My car has a roue, which makes it easier to turn.
  • rout With a quick rout, the team was able to escape the building unharmed.
  • rowel I thank you for the kind gift of a rowel for my horse.
  • royal The royal family made an appearance at the charity event.
  • rural I prefer the rural life to the city.
  • soul The soul is said to be the spiritual essence or immortal part of a human being.

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