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How to spell ROUITE correctly?

The correct spelling for "rouite" is "route". Some suggestions for correcting this misspelling include using a spell checker, consulting a dictionary, asking someone else to proofread the writing or practicing spelling the word until it is memorized correctly.

List of suggestions on how to spell rouite correctly

  • requite I must requite your kindness by doing something nice for you.
  • reunite After years of being apart, the long-lost siblings were finally able to reunite at their family home.
  • rite The rite of passage into manhood is often celebrated in many cultures.
  • rote I always forget to bring my rote book to class.
  • roue She loved to rollerblade on the roue.
  • Roust The boss decided to roust the employees who were taking a nap on the job.
  • rout The large army was able to rout the smaller enemy force in mere minutes.
  • route I prefer to take a scenic route while driving.
  • routed
  • router A router is a device that allows devices to connect to the Internet.
  • routes There are multiple routes to take when traveling from New York to Los Angeles.
  • routine The office routine is always the same.
  • routs The football team suffered two devastating routs in their last two games.

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