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How to spell ROUPA correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "roupa" instead of "roupas" in Portuguese, here are some possible correct suggestions. "Roupa" means "clothing", while "roupas" is the plural form. Pay attention to plurals when discussing clothes in Portuguese to ensure accuracy in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell roupa correctly

  • coup
  • coupe She loved the sleek design of the new coupe that was sitting in the showroom.
  • croup The child was diagnosed with croup and was given medication to help with the coughing and difficulty breathing.
  • croupy Mommy, stop croupy picking up my toys!
  • dopa I need to get my dopa checked.
  • group That group of kids is always so noisy.
  • POPPA My poppa was always the first one up in the morning, making coffee and reading the newspaper.
  • pupa The pupa is the stage between the larva and the adult insect in the life cycle of a butterfly.
  • romp After a day of hiking, we were ready for a little romantic Romp in the Park.
  • rope I need to tie down the boxes with rope before loading them into the truck.
  • ropy The sauce had a ropy consistency as it clung to the spoon.
  • rosa The rosa colored flowers in the garden were a beautiful contrast against the green leaves.
  • rota I need to order a new rota.
  • roue I have a corduroy roue for my spinning wheel.
  • roues The roues on the antique carriage were meticulously polished for the annual parade.
  • rouge She applied a bit of rouge to her cheeks before leaving the house.
  • rough The hill was pretty rough and I was pretty tired.
  • rouse I tried to rouse my sleeping cat by shaking her toy, but she was too deeply asleep to wake up.
  • rout The visiting team suffered a humiliating rout at the hands of the home team, losing the game by a score of 10-0.
  • route She found her way to the convention center from downtown by route.
  • soup Mommy is making a soup for dinner.
  • soupy My soup was a bit too soupy.
  • troupe The theater company was a troupe of actors.

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