Correct spelling for ROUTGH

We think the word routgh is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for routgh

  • dough During the day the boys had turned out a nice sample of bread, and George, as usual, began the questioning: "Professor, you said the other day, that fermentation caused a change in the dough, and that it was due to heat.
  • root But we tore them up too roughly, and they never would take root again!
  • rot I only wish I were that type-" "Oh, Nancy, what rot you talk every time you remember you had a year at college!"
  • rota The Bollandists maintain that she went to the monastery of the Incarnation in the year 1533. On the other hand Ribera, her most accurate biographer-with whom Fra Jerome agrees,-says that she left her father's house in 1535, when she was more than twenty years of age; Yepes, that she was not yet twenty; and the Second Relation of the Rota, that she was in her twentieth year.
  • rote But his vocabulary, unhappily, was limited, and remarkably prosaic, and not even having an appropriate stanza by rote, he was fain to betake himself to a cigar, smoking which he at his leisure walked down the hill toward Malory.
  • roth Roth struck out Willis on three pitched balls, but Becker came to the rescue with a line drive over second that scored Burkett easily, though Larry was put out as he made a great slide for the rubber.
  • rotor Joe said, with very great pains not to seem triumphant, Instead of spinning the shaft and trimming the rotor, we'll spin the rotor and trim the shaft.
  • rouge It certainly enhanced the beauty of a face now only too frequently pallid and colourless, when rouge did not lend its aid; but Barine understood Archibius's ardent admiration for this rare woman, when Cleopatra, with a faint smile, requested her to approach.
  • rough "You play too rough.
  • rout In a few minutes the battle was over, the rout was complete; the rebel army was in full retreat, with a third of its number lying on the field of battle; the Duke of Cumberland was master of the field, of all the Highland baggage and artillery, of fourteen stands, and more than two thousand muskets.
  • route By Stepan's advice we chose the Verkhoyansk route, as being the one best known to the Cossack, for it is the one by which political exiles invariably travel.
  • routed At the close of June came the news that Wellington had utterly routed the French at Vittoria.
  • router By definition, this is not a true DMZ (demilitarized zone), since the router alone does not separate the host from the internal network.
  • rut It's my opinion all this running around, and getting jolted out of a rut, has stirred up that torpid liver of yours."
  • ruth He went more rapidly; the sight of Ruth gave him new strength.
  • rutty Her lips tight-pressed, she gave her attention for a moment to her wheel and the rutty road in front of her.
  • trough Although it was now well on towards dark, and the sun was down an hour or so, I could see the robbers' road before me, in a trough of the winding hills, where the brook ploughed down from the higher barrows, and the coving banks were roofed with furze.
  • wrought Must my father have wrought all this in vain?
  • routes But these routes lay through towns, either Roxbury or Charlestown, and to march so openly meant to give the alarm.
  • routs And now my own daughter has run away with a London spark, and I, her own mother, must give up half a score routs and my Lady Pickadilly's drum-the most fashionable affair of the kind that will ever be known in Curtain Wells, for my Lady Pickadilly is newly come from town with her second son the Hon.

75 words made from the letters routgh

4 letter words made from routgh:

huot, rugh, guro, thou, ghor, ruth, uroh, goht, hurt, goth, ough, hugo, rout, urth, hout, roth, trgu, thog, gout, thro, urgo, hour, rohu, tohu, tuor, turo, thug, tour, tohr, tuoh, huor, gohr, ugoh, thor, utor, guto, groh, gthu, tuho, grut, gort, grot, ruto, guth, tugh, torg.

5 letter words made from routgh:

grout, ought, ougth, routh, tohru, groth, trugo, rutog, rough, turgo, tough.

3 letter words made from routgh:

hog, gur, hrt, gut, tog, hug, hot, out, rho, uro, tho, rot, rug, tug, hut, trh, tor, rut.

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