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How to spell RPICES correctly?

If you've accidentally spelled "rpices" instead of "prices", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions. Always double-check your spelling before submitting any work. Remember, the correct word is "prices", so make sure to use it where required to maintain clarity and professionalism in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell rpices correctly

  • PACES She set the PACES for her team during the race, pushing them to run faster and harder.
  • pieces I broke the vase into several pieces when I dropped it.
  • pisces
  • Prices I'm looking for the prices of the paintings.
  • Races The races are just starting and the excitement is high.
  • raises
  • repines He repines every day, thinking about what could have been.
  • rises
  • spaces I prefer to leave spaces between my sentences.
  • Spices The aroma of spices filled the kitchen as I prepared the curry chicken.

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