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How to spell RPLNED correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "rplned" instead of the intended word, there are several possibilities for correction. You might have meant "planned", "rendered" or "repelled". Double-check the context and aim for accuracy while typing to avoid further confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell rplned correctly

  • KILNED The clay was carefully kilned to transform it into a durable ceramic.
  • OPENED The detective opened the envelope carefully to reveal a mysterious letter inside.
  • OPINED He opined that the new movie was the best he had ever seen.
  • PINED She pined for her long-lost love, hoping to be reunited someday.
  • PLANED The carpenter planed the rough edges of the wooden plank to create a smooth and polished finish.
  • PLED He pled guilty to the crime.
  • PLIED She plied the needle carefully to sew the torn fabric back together.
  • PWNED I totally pwned my opponent in that video game match.
  • RAINED After weeks of drought, it finally rained, giving much-needed relief to the parched earth.
  • REINED The rider skillfully reined in the horse as it approached a steep cliff.
  • RELIED She relied on her friends for emotional support during difficult times.
  • RELINED After examining the pipes, the plumber determined that they needed to be relined to prevent any leaks.
  • REPINED She repined about the long hours she had to work at her new job.
  • REPLIED She replied to his message with a short and simple answer.
  • RILED His rude comment really riled me up.
  • RIPENED The strawberries had ripened to perfection, their vibrant red color inviting us to pick and taste their sweetness.
  • ROLLED The dice rolled across the table and landed on a six.
  • RUINED He was devastated to find his car completely ruined after the accident.
  • RULED The judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff, granting them the maximum compensation.
  • SPLINED The carpenter carefully splined the joints of the wooden cabinets for a seamless finish.

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