Correct spelling for RREPEAT

We think the word rrepeat is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for rrepeat

  • peat It is the coming back is the rub, you see, Mr. Peat.
  • rapt But she was so rapt that of much else that he and she said she had no very clear recollection.
  • reheat Press through a sieve, add two cupfuls of cream, and reheat.
  • repast At last, just as I was beginning to yawn, dinner was announced, and I was another hour and a half without opening my mouth, except to do honour to an excellent repast.
  • repay "You must not sell anything," I replied, in a lively manner, "for as I am going to Switzerland with you I can pay your debts, and you shall repay me when you can."
  • repeal The repeal of an unjust law is seldom carried until a certain number of those who are labouring for the reform have experienced in their own persons the hardships of fine and imprisonment.
  • repeat I've tried being hungry, and I don't care to repeat the experience.
  • repeated "Even your sister Laura," Jerry repeated, conclusively.
  • repeater Robin came with her own smaller Springfield repeater.
  • repent Yes, it was a caprice, but he did not repent of it.
  • report "'I should like at least,' he urged, 'to be allowed to drive over and report how your-friend-or was it your brother?
  • repute I raised him up alongside of the two other casks; and my trade was more profitable and my wines in greater repute than ever.
  • reread Then, with rapt eyes, he reread the lengthy missive from "Dolly."
  • rupert Young Holmes' is also ill wounded, and Ather in The Rupert.
  • Reaped In walking, our Quintus furthermore got by heart the few fields on which the grain was already reaped.
  • Repaid And if the settlers never repaid you, think what a land king you would become," I laughed.
  • Crept He rose slowly and crept through the underground tunnel leading from the igloo.
  • repeats She confided to me that he often repeats the Saviour's words, 'Go, sell all that thou halt, and follow me.

110 words made from the letters rrepeat

3 letter words made from rrepeat:

era, apt, pet, ert, ate, pee, par, apr, tee, eta, eat, are, epa, pea, err, ter, ret, pat, per, ear, rap, tea, rep, atp, tap, art, arp, pre, rat, tar, ape.

4 letter words made from rrepeat:

5 letter words made from rrepeat:

peate, arete, ptere, peret, paret, preta, peter, arere, teper, perre, peaer, eater, peare, prate, perea, traer, reate, praet, prete, patre, raper, teera, ratee, pater, taper, parer, paree, rapee, raree, teare, apter.

6 letter words made from rrepeat:

perter, retear, petare, aterre, retape, partee, terrae, pretre, reptar, rerape, repart, perret, reaper, repeat, prater, preter.

7 letter words made from rrepeat:

taperer, pearter.

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