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How to spell RRUETED correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "rrueted", fear not! The correct word you may be aiming for is "routed". This term is commonly used in the context of navigation or establishing a path. So, double-check your spelling and ensure you have successfully "routed" your way to accuracy!

List of suggestions on how to spell rrueted correctly

  • Bruited Rumors of the company's impending bankruptcy had been bruited about for months.
  • fruited The cherry trees have fruited abundantly this year.
  • Greeted He greeted his old friend with a warm embrace.
  • Riveted The door was riveted shut from the outside.
  • rousted He was rousted from his sleep by the shouting and running.
  • routed The army was easily routed by the enemy's surprise attack.
  • rusted The old bicycle had rusted spokes and a rusty chain.
  • rutted The rutted path is difficult to follow.

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