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How to spell RUFFLEY correctly?

If you meant to type "ruffley" but it's the wrong spelling, there are a few correct suggestions. First, you might be referring to "roughly", meaning approximately or imprecisely. Another possibility is "ruffly", which describes something with ruffles or frills. Lastly, "ruffianly" refers to someone behaving like a ruffian or a rough, violent individual.

List of suggestions on how to spell ruffley correctly

  • gruffly The old man gruffly asked the children to keep quiet.
  • muffle She tried to muffle her screams of excitement in the crowded room.
  • raffle I won a new TV at the charity raffle last night!
  • Raffled We have raffled off a pair of tickets to our upcoming play!
  • raffles Raffles are a popular fundraiser at the church carnival.
  • riffle The cards began to riffle as the magician shuffled the deck.
  • riffled He riffled through the papers on his desk, searching for the important document.
  • riffles The river had several riffles that made it difficult to navigate in a kayak.
  • Ruffed The ruffed grouse is a small game bird that lives in wooded areas.
  • ruffle
  • ruffled I was slightly ruffled by her accusation.
  • ruffles The dress had ruffles around the neckline.
  • ruffly She had the most ruffly coat of any dog I've ever seen.
  • truffle I would love to try the chocolate truffle cake at this restaurant.

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