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How to spell RUKERS correctly?

If you are typing "rukers" and want to correct it, there are a few possible suggestions. One could be "rulers", which refers to measuring tools or leaders. Another option might be "runners", which are individuals engaged in running activities. Lastly, "rubbers" could be a suggestion, meaning erasers or materials used for various purposes.

List of suggestions on how to spell rukers correctly

  • augers The farmers used the augers to drill holes in the soil for planting seeds.
  • bakers The bakers woke up early to start preparing fresh bread and pastries for the day.
  • bikers The group of bikers revved their engines and took off down the open road.
  • brokers The brokers mediated the deal between the two parties.
  • fakers Many people on social media are considered to be fakers, putting on a facade to appear more successful or happy than they truly are.
  • hikers There are many hikers in the forest.
  • jokers The group of jokers always made a scene in the classroom, disrupting the teacher and making their classmates laugh.
  • lurkers The forum moderators will often ban lurkers who only join to read and don't contribute to the discussion.
  • makers The makers of the new smartphone claim that it has several advanced features.
  • nukes The threat of nukes being used in warfare has led to international tension and fear.
  • pikers The experienced gamblers laughed at the pikers who nervously placed small bets at the roulette table.
  • pokers I need to buy some new pokers for my fireplace.
  • puckers I can't believe you sucker punched me; you puckers.
  • quakers The Quakers are a religious sect who eschew violence.
  • queers Using slurs like "queers" is offensive and hurtful to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • racers The cars in the race were all racers.
  • rakes Rakes are necessary for lawn care.
  • rapers
  • ravers I go to ravers all the time!
  • refers The term "dog" refers to a domesticated mammal that is a popular pet.
  • Reuters The Reuters news agency is one of the world's most well-known.
  • revers
  • riders As the riders approached, they could see the wreckage of the crashed helicopter.
  • risers The risers on the staircase were painted a bright white to contrast with the dark wood of the steps.
  • Rivers The mighty rivers filled my heart with shame.
  • rockers The rockers performed a high-energy concert that had the crowd jumping up and down.
  • rogers
  • ropers Ropers were an interesting breed of cows.
  • routers Many households have multiple routers to ensure strong and stable internet connection throughout their home.
  • rovers The rovers explored the surface of Mars, collecting valuable data for scientists on Earth.
  • rowers The rowers practiced for hours every day to prepare for the upcoming regatta.
  • rubbers I need to buy new rubbers for my art project.
  • rubes The carnival barkers tried to swindle the rubes with their rigged games.
  • rues She rues the day she decided to quit her job and move across the country.
  • rulers The rulers are dishonest.
  • rules The teacher explained the rules of the game before we started playing.
  • rumors Some residents are reporting that they are hearing rumors that the school is going to be closed.
  • runes The writing on the door was in runes.
  • runners The runners had a long race ahead of them.
  • rupees I exchanged my dollars for rupees at the bank.
  • ruses I won't fall for your ruses again.
  • rushers The rushers in the football team played a crucial role in the win.
  • Rutgers Rutgers University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States.
  • suckers I can't believe they're giving away free tickets to the concert. Those suckers.
  • takers The takers of the survey were asked to rate their satisfaction with the company's customer service.
  • truckers I hope the truckers obey the speed limit.
  • tuckers Rumor has it that Bill Tuckers is really a dragon hiding under human skin.

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