How to spell RUMED correctly?

We think the word rumed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell rumed correctly

  • armed It is on a good position, armed with three small guns, and commands the village and entrance to the Kanowit stream.
  • framed Coming from Gretna Green it was on our left in the midst of a gray and white village which would have looked commonplace if it had not been framed by an immense sky.
  • fumed "'Twas a dirty trick, them using our signals to call us in here," O'Malley fumed.
  • gummed He saw that Kootanie George was there and that Kootanie's big boots were gummed with the red mud of the upper trail.
  • med According to the records, there's been no Med Ship inspection here for twelve standard years.
  • primed Thus the public in our own country and elsewhere, reading the diatribes of certain well-known authors against the existing order of society, may vaguely wonder why men living amidst all the amenities of civilization should desire its destruction, but do not dream that all this is not the outcome of an individual brain but propaganda put out by a company which, having largely primed such writers with ideas, is able, owing to the high position of many of its leading members and its influence with the literary world, to ensure the success of any publication that will further its ends.
  • red Then the Red-Etin's heart sank within him for fear, for he knew that someone had betrayed him, and that his power was gone.
  • reed Speaker Reed of the House characterized it as "the most generous piece of pension legislation ever passed by any nation on earth."
  • remedy I see no remedy."
  • rhymed Lucia and Luretta were sure that Anna must have had her verse all ready to repeat; and even Rebecca, who knew that Anna rhymed words easily, thought that Anna had prepared this birthday greeting, and was very proud of her little sister.
  • rime The four long years that followed-ah, that I should make a rime of it!
  • rimed The ball was hit hard off the bat and rimmed close to the shortstop.
  • rimmed I have a new glasses frame that is rimmed in brown.
  • rome I know that Rome is the oldest city in the world.
  • romeo Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story of love.
  • rouged Rouged cheeks would announce a sensual evening.
  • routed The routes will be routed through the city.
  • rude I was so rude to her and she never talks to me again.
  • rugged The rugged landscape is beautiful.
  • ruined His life is ruined after he was caught cheating on his exam.
  • ruled
  • rum
  • rummer I'm a drummer, so I know how to get down.
  • rummy The best way to learn how to play rummy is to get a deck of the game and some paper and pencils.
  • rumor
  • rumored The media is rumored to be covering up the truth.
  • rump Her butt is as big as a rump.
  • rushed
  • rutted
  • Bummed I'm bummed that I only have a banana for breakfast.
  • Drummed John drummed his fingers on the table.
  • Hummed
  • Rammed The car was rammed by a bus.
  • Reamed
  • Remade The opera was remade for a modern audience.
  • Resumed After we resumed talking, the conversation flowed much more easily.
  • Roamed
  • Romped We spent a fun day romping around the park.
  • Roomed I am currently in a roomed apartment.
  • Roused
  • Rubbed
  • Rucked After getting out of the pool, she rucked her towel around her body.
  • Rued Ruede was a medieval Swiss chancellor.
  • Ruffed Ruffed lemurs are a kind of primate that are native to Madagascar.
  • Summed The sum of the answers is 28.
  • PREMED I'm premed, so I know I'll be a great doctor.
  • RUMS Rummy is the classic card game.
  • rumbaed The clowns were terrifying, but the best part of the party was when the rumbaed came out.
  • ruched Ruking through the forest, I was terrified that I would run into a pack of rabid dogs.
  • grimed My face was grimed with dirt and makeup.
  • ruder It was absolute chaos - there was shouted, cussing, and even some vulgarity.
  • reused A few old Christmas ornaments were reused to adorn a new tree.

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