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How to spell RUMED correctly?

If you're searching for the correct spelling of "rumed", it's likely you meant "rushed". This commonly misspelled word may have caused confusion or yielded inaccurate search results. To avoid such errors, verifying the intended spelling and taking advantage of spell-check tools can save time and ensure accurate results.

List of suggestions on how to spell rumed correctly

  • armed
  • Bummed I'm bummed that I only have a banana for breakfast.
  • Drummed John drummed his fingers on the table.
  • framed The picture was beautifully framed, adding to its overall beauty on the wall.
  • fumed She fumed with anger as she watched him break the vase she had cherished for years.
  • grimed My face was grimed with dirt and makeup.
  • gummed I gummed the envelope shut before realizing I forgot to insert the letter.
  • Hummed She hummed a tune while cooking dinner.
  • med
  • PREMED I'm premed, so I know I'll be a great doctor.
  • primed
  • Rammed The car was rammed by a bus.
  • Reamed The dentist reamed my teeth to remove the decay.
  • red The rose petals were a deep shade of red.
  • reed
  • remedy I asked my doctor for a remedy for my headache.
  • Resumed After we resumed talking, the conversation flowed much more easily.
  • reused A few old Christmas ornaments were reused to adorn a new tree.
  • rhymed The two phrases unintentionally rhymed, making the sentence sound more poetic.
  • rime The trees were covered in heavy rime, making it look like a winter wonderland.
  • rimed The grass and trees were rimed with frost on the cold winter morning.
  • rimmed I have a new glasses frame that is rimmed in brown.
  • Roamed The lost dog roamed the streets, searching for its owner.
  • rome I know that Rome is the oldest city in the world.
  • romeo Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story of love.
  • Romped The children romped around the playground, laughing and playing together.
  • Roomed I am currently in a roomed apartment.
  • rouged Rouged cheeks would announce a sensual evening.
  • Roused The sound of gunfire roused the sleeping town.
  • routed The routes will be routed through the city.
  • Rubbed He rubbed his tired eyes and yawned.
  • ruched The dress was adorned with delicate ruched detailing at the waist.
  • Rucked After getting out of the pool, she rucked her towel around her body.
  • rude I was so rude to her and she never talks to me again.
  • ruder The customer's behavior became even ruder after the cashier politely asked them to wear a mask.
  • Rued He rued the day he decided to take the shortcut.
  • Ruffed Ruffed lemurs are a kind of primate that are native to Madagascar.
  • rugged The rugged landscape is beautiful.
  • ruined His life is ruined after he was caught cheating on his exam.
  • ruled
  • rum I love to add a splash of rum to my tropical fruit smoothies.
  • rumbaed The clowns were terrifying, but the best part of the party was when the rumbaed came out.
  • rummer
  • rummy The best way to learn how to play rummy is to get a deck of the game and some paper and pencils.
  • rumor There is a rumor going around that the CEO is planning to resign.
  • rumored The media is rumored to be covering up the truth.
  • rump Her butt is as big as a rump.
  • RUMS
  • rushed I rushed to finish my homework before dinner.
  • rutted The dirt road was so rutted that our car barely made it through.
  • Summed I summed up the total cost of the project and it was higher than I anticipated.

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