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How to spell RUMERS correctly?

If you meant to type "rumors" instead of "rumers", here are some possible correct suggestions. First, double-check the spelling and use "rumors" instead. Additionally, you can rely on spell-checking tools or consult a dictionary. Proofreading your work can also help eradicate such typos and ensure accurate and polished writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell rumers correctly

  • bummers "Missing the concert of my favorite band was one of the biggest bummers of my life.
  • drummers Many famous rock bands have had incredible drummers who helped shape the sound of their music.
  • framers The framers of the Constitution intended for the government to have a system of checks and balances.
  • fumes The fumes from the chemicals in the factory were overwhelming.
  • hummers I see a lot of hummers in the sky.
  • mummers Until recently, mummers were believed to be vile tricksters who stole money and belongings from innocent people during the Christmas season.
  • reamers The mechanic used different sizes of reamers to create accurate holes in the metal component.
  • Reuters Reuters reported the news.
  • rhymers The community of rhymers competed in a poetry slam last night.
  • rimes The author's use of rimes in his poetry was particularly effective in creating a sense of melancholy.
  • roamers The scene outside the bar was populated by a mix of locals and roamers.
  • ROMEOS The young ROMEOS from the neighborhood always hung out at the local pizza joint.
  • rompers She bought a set of trendy rompers and wore them to the summer party.
  • roomers They were given a roomers' discount.
  • routers Our company provides high-speed routers for homes and businesses.
  • rubbers I forgot to bring my rubbers on this trip and now I have wet and cold feet.
  • rubes I'm not sexist, but I can't stand the way she rubes me the wrong way.
  • rues She now rues the day she decided to trust him.
  • rulers The rulers of the country must be responsible for the good of the people.
  • rules The new employee handbook contains the rules and regulations that must be followed in the workplace.
  • rumbas At the dance party, the guests shook their hips to the lively rhythm of the rumbas.
  • rummer
  • rumor There is a rumor going around that she is leaving the company.
  • rumors There have been rumors circulating about upcoming layoffs at the company.
  • rumps Rumps are a type of snack that I don't really care for.
  • rumpus The rumpus in the living room got so loud that I had to ask them to keep it down.
  • RUMS I inherited my grandmas rums.
  • runes The ancient runes on the wall held a secret message that few could decipher.
  • runners
  • ruses He attempted to use several ruses to get her to change her mind.
  • rushers Some of the best running backs in the NFL are rushers.
  • Summers I always look forward to summers because I get to spend time with my family.

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