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How to spell RUMOUS correctly?

If you've found yourself typing "rumous" instead of "rumors", don't worry, it happens to all of us! To ensure the correct spelling, try replacing the "u" with an "o". "Rumors" is the proper spelling and suggests incorrect suggestions like "ramus" or "rumbus". Save yourself from future spellcheck errors by remembering this simple trick!

List of suggestions on how to spell rumous correctly

  • Ramos Ramos is Catholic.
  • remus I knew a Remus who was a werewolf.
  • rumor There is a rumor that he raped her.
  • rumors There were rumors around the office that she was cheating on her husband.
  • rumour The rumour is that she's pregnant.
  • rumps The chef grinded the rumps of the beef with a meat grinder to make fresh hamburgers.
  • rumpus The rumpus was getting out of hand.
  • RUMS

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