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How to spell RUMPED correctly?

The correct spelling for "rumped" could be "trumped", "jumped", "pumped", "stumped" or "humped" depending on the intended meaning in the sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell rumped correctly

  • Bumped I accidentally bumped into the wall while walking down the hall.
  • Dumped She was devastated when her boyfriend dumped her for no apparent reason.
  • Humped The camel humped his back as he wandered through the desert.
  • Jumped He quickly jumped up from the couch when he heard the doorbell ring.
  • Lumped I don't think I should have lumped all of my responsibilities into one day.
  • Pumped I'm pumped to start my new job.
  • Ramped The car ramped over the hill and landed with a loud thud.
  • Romped The children all romped through the sprinkler on a hot summer day, giggling and splashing each other with glee.
  • Rumpled The rumpled bed sheets indicated that someone had just woken up.
  • Trumped Despite his best efforts, his opponent always seemed to Trump him in debates.
  • Umped

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