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How to spell RUMPER correctly?

The misspelling "rumper" could be corrected as "rumpus" which means a noisy and lively party or "rumble" which refers to a low, deep, rolling sound. Another possible suggestion is "romper" which is a type of children's clothing or a verb meaning to break something into pieces.

List of suggestions on how to spell rumper correctly

  • bumper I accidentally hit the curb and damaged my car's front bumper.
  • bumpier On a bumpier road, I was able to reach cruising speed more quickly.
  • dumper The company hired a dumper to move the heavy dirt out of the construction site.
  • grumpier My boss seemed even grumpier than usual today.
  • jumper My leg hurts, I think I've broken my jumper.
  • Pumper
  • raper
  • Rapper The rapper performed his new hit song on stage.
  • reaper Andy was a graveyard Reaper.
  • riper She's a riper fruit since she's fled to a new country.
  • ripper The notorious serial killer was known as the "ripper" for his gruesome crimes.
  • Romped He romped around the park with his friends.
  • romper She wore a romper that showed off her curves.
  • rompers A group of gypsies were wearing rompers as they rode on their bikes.
  • roper The roper skillfully lassoed the cattle.
  • rummer
  • rumor A profitable rumor is one that is true.
  • rumour I heard a rumour that the company is going to downsize next year.
  • rump The donkey's rump was quite tasty.
  • rumple The strong gust of wind caused her hair to rumple.
  • Rumply She woke up with her hair all rumply from tossing and turning all night.
  • rumps The chef cooked up the tender rumps of the cow for the hearty stew.
  • rumpus I heard a rumpus coming from down the hall.
  • rupee
  • tramper As a tramper, he walked for miles every day while exploring the beautiful countryside.

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