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How to spell SAB correctly?

If you meant to type "sad", try practicing mindfulness or talking to a trusted friend or therapist. If you intended to type "tab", check the spelling twice before submitting and use autocorrect or spellcheck as a safety net. If you meant to write "sub", double-check the context of your message and ensure you're using the correct prefix.

List of suggestions on how to spell sab correctly

  • ab
  • cab
  • dab She used a cotton swab to dab the medicine on the wound.
  • fab Her outfit looked fab for the party tonight.
  • gab
  • jab She heard the sharp jab of the phone ringing and ran to pick it up.
  • lab The scientists are conducting experiments in the lab.
  • nab The police were able to nab the suspect within minutes of the crime being reported.
  • sa
  • SAAB My cousin drives a SAAB and loves it.
  • sac The priest carried a gold-plated sac filled with holy communion wafers.
  • sad It makes me sad when I think about losing my beloved pet.
  • sag The old mattress had started to sag in the middle, causing discomfort while sleeping.
  • Sal Sal was excited to visit her grandparents during the summer break.
  • sam
  • San San Francisco is a stunning city that many people love to visit.
  • sap
  • sat She sat by the window and watched the rain.
  • saw
  • sax
  • say
  • sb
  • scab The scab on his knee started to peel off.
  • slab The mason laid each slab of marble with great care, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • sob She couldn't help but sob when she heard the sad news.
  • stab The murderer used a knife to stab his victim.
  • sub I always order a sub sandwich for lunch.
  • swab The nurse had to swab my throat before conducting the strep test.
  • tab I accidentally closed the tab with my shopping cart and lost all my items.

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