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How to spell SABATIERE correctly?

If you mistakenly spell "Sabatiere", don't fret. The correct spelling is "Sabbatiere". This term refers to a small, triangular silver tool used for removing corks from bottles. Remember to double-check your spelling and when in doubt, consult a reliable dictionary.

List of suggestions on how to spell Sabatiere correctly

  • Agateware Agateware is a type of pottery characterized by its vibrant, marbled patterns.
  • Cafetière
  • Cafetiere I use my cafetiere every morning to brew a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee.
  • Cavaliere The Cavaliere gracefully rode his horse through the forest, his cape billowing in the wind.
  • Lavaliere She wore a stunning diamond lavaliere around her neck during the gala.
  • Sabotage He tried to sabotage his coworker's presentation by secretly deleting important slides.
  • Saboteur The saboteur discreetly planted a bomb in the building, hoping to cause chaos.
  • Saboteurs The saboteurs planted explosives and caused the bridge to collapse.
  • Saltier The second batch of french fries was much saltier than the first.
  • Satire The play was filled with biting satire, mocking the corrupt politicians and their absurd actions.
  • Sweatier After running for an hour in the hot sun, I emerged from the park even sweatier than before.

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