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How to spell SABBOTAN correctly?

If you were looking for "Sabbotan" but couldn't find any relevant results, it may be a misspelling of "Sabbathian" or "Sabbaton". These terms relate to the observance of the Sabbath, incorporating religious or cultural practices. Using these correct suggestions could lead you to the information you seek.

List of suggestions on how to spell Sabbotan correctly

  • Abbot The abbot was known for his wisdom and gentle influence within the monastery.
  • Abbots The abbots of the monastery were known for their wisdom and guidance.
  • Abbott Abbott is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
  • Dakotan She is proud to be a Dakotan, representing her home state with enthusiasm.
  • Sabbath On the Sabbath, we would always gather as a family to attend church and enjoy a day of rest and reflection.
  • Sabbaths The family always gathered for a big meal and quality time together on the Sabbaths.
  • Sabot I suspect someone in the company is trying to sabot our project with their constant delays and mistakes.
  • Sabotage He suspected his rival of trying to sabotage his chances of winning the election.
  • Sabots The manufacturing plant had to shut down temporarily due to a shortage of sabots for their machinery.
  • Samoan I love the vibrant traditional Samoan dance and music performances.
  • Saroyan William Saroyan was an influential Armenian-American writer known for his optimistic and humanistic novels and plays.
  • Satan Some people believe that Satan tempts them to commit sinful acts.
  • Subtotal The subtotal for the groceries came to $50 before adding the tax.

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