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How to spell SABBRES correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "sabbres" instead of "sabres", fear not! Auto-correction can sometimes go astray. The correct suggestion is "sabres". Simply tap on it and your text will be promptly fixed. Remember, automated tools are not flawless; always ensure you proofread to catch any other potential errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell sabbres correctly

  • Abbés
  • Abbes The Abbes were responsible for overseeing daily affairs and providing spiritual guidance in the monastery.
  • Abbrev I need to create an abbrev for the word "abbreviation" for my research paper.
  • Abbrevs I'll look up the meaning of abbrevs in the dictionary.
  • Babbles The little baby babbles happily as she tries to communicate with her parents.
  • Cabbies The cabbies were busy shuttling passengers around the city during rush hour.
  • Dabbers The group of bingo enthusiasts were all armed with their dabbers, ready to mark their numbers as they were called out.
  • Dabbles She is a talented artist who also dabbles in music.
  • Gabbles The parrot gabbles nonstop, mimicking the voices and sounds it hears throughout the day.
  • Jabbers The toddler jabbers away, excitedly sharing his adventures at daycare.
  • Rabbles The rabbles of protesters gathered outside of City Hall.
  • Sabers The hockey team's fans waved their sabers in celebration after their team scored the winning goal.
  • Sables The sables in Siberia have thick, luxurious fur that keeps them warm in the harsh winter months.
  • Sabras " Sabras are delicious Israeli fruits with a sweet, tangy flavor."
  • Sabre The fencer skillfully wielded his sabre in the intense match.
  • Satires Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels" is a masterpiece of satires, mocking various aspects of society through the protagonist's fantastical journeys.
  • Seizures Seizures can be triggered by various factors such as stress, sleep deprivation, or flashing lights.
  • Stabbers The prison was filled with dangerous criminals, including murderers and stabbers.
  • Swabbies The captain ordered the swabbies to clean the deck of the pirate ship.
  • Tabbies I have two adorable tabbies named Whiskers and Mittens.

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