Correct spelling for SACATHEXIS

We think the word sacathexis is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for sacathexis

  • Sticky(Definition of sticky)
  • It felt almost as if her face were being washed with a sticky cloth.

  • Sixties
  • There were flourishing negro methodist and baptist churches in other parts during the forties, fifties, and sixties, conducted very much on the order of the first african baptist church in richmond, or like the anthony street church in mobile, alabama, in charge of the rev.

  • Scouts
  • De spain and his scouts now felt assured of their escape.

  • Sites
  • How far the authority given by the legislature for procuring and establishing sites for naval purposes has been perfectly understood and pursued in the execution admits of some doubt.

  • Swedish(Definition of swedish)
  • In company with a. lindkvist he has founded the fritankaren as the organ of swedish freethought.

  • States
  • First visit to the states?

  • Seeds
  • It was easy to tell the places where the wind had blown the seeds.

  • Scottish(Definition of scottish)
  • In scottish affairs, the tangle, unravelled even still, of which mary stuart was the centre, led at last to her death.

  • Acathexis
  • Stage(Definition of stage)
  • Those who allowed themselves to use it passed off the stage early in life.

  • Sketches
  • "i shall hope to offer something better worth while than travel-sketches," said abner.

  • Sits
  • See how he sits in the saddle!"

  • Shades(Definition of shades)
  • The sun sank behind the trees, and the shades of evening gathered.

  • Shadows
  • There are shadows gathering round her; for once in love, she'll never be as free and joyous again.

  • Sketch(Definition of sketch)
  • Reduced from a sketch taken in the 16th century by pirro ligorio.

  • Societies
  • They were divided into companies, according to the wrestling-schools or the circus and other societies to which they belonged.

  • Shots(Definition of Shots)
  • Even before the shots were heard wayne was turning in his saddle.

  • Stakes
  • "i begin to see, madam," said i, "how large these stakes may run."

  • Statutes
  • British and colonial statutes made prior to the revolution continued also in force unless expressly repealed.

  • Sheets
  • How sheets are prevented from being cracked.

  • Sides
  • The prisoner dropped his hands to his sides, looking the governor steadily in the face.

  • Stack(Definition of stack)
  • "good-night-er-i say, miss genevieve-" but the girl disappeared, and winthrope, after a glance at blake's placid face, hurried along the cleft to stack the other fire.

  • Steak(Definition of steak)
  • I heard what you said when lonesome ate up the steak, and i thought maybe you hadn't been for a long time.

  • Studies
  • The studies were not as varied as in the cross-roads schools to-day.

  • Sights
  • Alexander had been at the hotel very often during the last month, while visiting the sights of the city, and most of these fellows knew him by sight.

  • Seats
  • If you go on a visit to one of our noblemen's seats, what do you find there, i ask?

  • Stick(Definition of stick)
  • You can't stick up a better man than yourself, not more than once or twice.

  • Suggests
  • But this word of jesus' own suggests that as you go in you will find some one coming eagerly up with outstretched hands and such a glad face to meet you.

  • Stock(Definition of stock)
  • We obtained a small supply of stock from the thalia when she joined us; i should have told you that i despatched her and the cutter towards naples, to meet sir horatio.

  • Static(Definition of static)
  • Their thinking, in short, is perfectly static and literally superficial.

  • Shoots
  • From this main range a great spur shoots out some fifty miles or so towards the coast, ending abruptly in one tremendous peak.

  • Sideways(Definition of sideways)
  • Mary looked at him sideways and her lips twitched a little.

  • Suitcase
  • On the end of the suitcase are the initials 'c. m.' and 'chicago.

  • Sticks
  • "i found that, last night, gathering dry sticks," he said.

  • Stuck(Definition of stuck)
  • The last fellow was a good deal too big for us, but i believe if we had stuck to him we should have beaten him in the end, big as he was."

  • Stake(Definition of stake)
  • That's the great stake-part of it, rather; you're the rest; you who believe in me and bid me win.

  • Stocks(Definition of stocks)
  • For this reason, i re-invested the forty thousand on the strength of my knowledge of a rise that was to be brought about in certain stocks within two months.

  • Suites
  • I took a big house, and kept bachelor suites for gentlemen.

  • Switch(Definition of switch)
  • "somebody turn that switch," began jack, "and give us some light.

  • Stages
  • It will be seen that there are various stages in the removal from acquaintance with particulars: there is bismarck to people who knew him, bismarck to those who only know of him through history, the man with the iron mask, the longest-lived of men.

  • Stays(Definition of stays)
  • He's got to go to prison if he stays!"

  • Sets
  • It's the one ann sets her life by, an' it's wuth i dunno what.

  • Suits
  • And i'll keep a stock of old suits on hand for them.

  • Status(Definition of status)
  • The literature cited in them is mostly range literature, although precious little in all the songs rises to the status of poetry.

  • Stacks
  • Instead, molberg lifted her off her feet, dropping her unceremoniously among the neat stacks of car wheels with which the truck was filled.

  • Steaks
  • Thence he and i to the king's head and there bespoke a dish of steaks for our dinner about four o'clock.

  • Statues
  • Fine gardens there are, to be sure, clipt walks, leaden statues, and water-works; but as for the farms, all is dirt, neglect, disorder.

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