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How to spell SADOW correctly?

If you've accidentally spelled "sadow" instead of "shadow", fret not! Autocorrect might have tricked you, but here are some correct suggestions. "Shadow" refers to a darkened area cast by an object blocking light. You may also consider "shade" or "silhouette", both indicating similar concepts. Remember to review your text to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell sadow correctly

  • ado There was much ado about the new policy at work.
  • dado The carpenter used a dado blade to make a groove in the wood.
  • Dow The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 100 points today.
  • meadow
  • sabot The factory workers feared that a sabot might cause the machines to malfunction.
  • sad She felt sad after hearing the news of her grandfather's passing.
  • sadat
  • sade
  • sadhu As I walked through the market, I passed a sadhu who was meditating on a mat with his eyes closed.
  • Sadie Sadie loves to chase after squirrels in the park.
  • sadly Sadly, I won't be able to attend the party.
  • Sadr
  • sago Sago is a type of starch extracted from the pith of tropical palm stems.
  • sallow The patient had a sallow complexion, indicating possible illness or fatigue.
  • saw
  • scow The crew unloaded the scrap metal from the barge onto the waiting scow.
  • shadow Eddie has a shadow that follows him around.
  • shadowy The shadowy figure in the corner gave me chills.
  • slow The traffic was moving so slow that we arrived thirty minutes later than expected.
  • snow
  • sodom
  • sow I need to sow some seeds for next year.
  • stow I need to stow my coat before we head out.

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