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How to spell SAE correctly?

If you meant to type "sae" but made a mistake, a few possibilities for the correct suggestions could be "save", "sale" or "sane". Each of these words presents a different meaning and might be the intended word. Double-check context to determine the most appropriate option.

List of suggestions on how to spell sae correctly

  • Mae Mae is my sister's name.
  • NAE
  • Rae Rae was thrilled to receive a promotion at work.
  • sa Sa is a popular Filipino condiment made from vinegar, garlic, and chili peppers.
  • sac The pilgrims were carrying their offerings in a sac as they walked towards the holy shrine.
  • sad It makes me sad to see a puppy without a home.
  • sade Sade's music is known for its smooth and soothing sound.
  • safe It is important to always wear your seatbelt in the car to ensure a safe ride.
  • sag The branches of the tree began to sag under the weight of the snow.
  • sage My grandmother is a wise sage who always has good advice.
  • sake For the sake of our friendship, I decided not to argue with her about politics.
  • Sal Sal likes to cook Italian food for his family.
  • sale The store is having a huge sale on all winter clothing.
  • sam
  • same
  • San San Francisco is known for its iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.
  • sane After the therapy sessions, he started to feel more sane and in control of his life.
  • sap The maple tree's sap is boiled down to make delicious maple syrup.
  • SASE Please include a SASE with your application for a faster response.
  • sat I sat on the park bench and watched the birds fly.
  • sate After dinner, the chocolate cake was able to sate my sweet tooth.
  • save
  • saw
  • sax
  • say
  • se
  • see
  • She
  • sse
  • STE
  • sue I am going to sue you for damages if you don't return my property.

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