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How to spell SAFIE correctly?

There are several possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "safie". Some of them include "safety", "safari", "Safiya" or "saffie."

List of suggestions on how to spell safie correctly

  • cafe
  • Fie " Fie upon such behavior!" cried the old woman.
  • sade Sade is a Nigerian-British musician known for her soulful voice and smooth jazz music.
  • Sadie Sadie had a sad life.
  • safe It's always safe to buy from a reputable store.
  • SAFER Wearing a seatbelt while driving is a much safer option.
  • safes I keep all my important documents in safes to ensure they are protected.
  • sage The chef added some sage to the stew to enhance its flavor.
  • said She said she would be home by 8 o'clock.
  • sail The yacht will set sail at dawn.
  • sake The sushi chef poured sake for everyone.
  • saki I enjoyed a glass of chilled saki with my sushi dinner.
  • sale I'm having a sale on comics this week!
  • Sallie Sallie asked her friend for advice on how to ask her boss for a raise.
  • salve He applied a salve to the wound to soothe the pain.
  • same I have the same ring as your mother.
  • Sammie Sammie took a nap after her long day at school.
  • sane It's vital to make sure you keep a sane mind in a chaotic world.
  • sari A woman wearing a sari walked down the street.
  • SASE Please enclose a SASE with your application for our scholarship program.
  • sate I ate a whole pizza to sate my hunger.
  • save This is my chance to save her.
  • sofia The canal was so sylvan that Sofia might have mistaken it for a Finnish lake.
  • Sufi Sufi mystics often engage in spiritual practices such as meditation and chanting to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

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