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How to spell SAFTEY correctly?

If you've typed "saftey" instead of "safety", here are some possible correct suggestions. The correct spelling is "safety". Make sure to double-check your spelling and proofread your content. Employing online spell-check tools and referring to dictionaries can also prevent such mistakes and maintain accurate writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell saftey correctly

  • after I will call you after I finish my work.
  • rafter The carpenter measured the distance between each rafter before nailing them in place.
  • safe It's important to wear a mask and practice social distancing to keep ourselves and others safe.
  • safely We were all happy to have arrived safely at our destination.
  • SAFER It is always safer to wear a helmet when riding a bike.
  • safes I need to find a better place to store my valuables, maybe in one of those safes I saw at the store.
  • safety Safety should always be the top priority in any workplace.
  • salter My grandmother always used a salter to season her famous roast beef.
  • salty
  • satay I love satay because the taste is so delicious.
  • sate
  • sated After eating an abundance of food, she was finally sated.
  • saute She knows just how to saute the vegetables to bring out their flavors.
  • Sifted She sifted the flour to remove any lumps before adding it to the mixture.
  • sifter She used a sifter to remove the lumps from the flour.
  • soften Adding fabric softener to the laundry can help to soften clothes and make them feel more comfortable to wear.
  • softer The pillow was much softer than the previous one.
  • softly She softly sighed as she watched the snow fall.
  • softy My uncle is a softy when it comes to animals.

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