Correct spelling for SAIED

We think the word saied is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for saied

  • aide My husband dined yesterday with Guy; you know, the tall Guy, who is an aide of Leboeuf.
  • aside Have you any objection to turn aside just for a few minutes?"
  • sad We live in sad times.
  • sade A character like that of Escobar has some affinity with that of the Marquis de Sade.
  • said I wish you'd said that before.
  • sate It was all so virtuous and sensible that it was impossible to argue with him, and I used to suffer from an insane desire to pull his chair away from under him while he sate lecturing the company about the way to attain old age.
  • sated She had given too many years to this chimera of royalty now suddenly grown into a monster to be sated only by the sacrifice of her son!
  • saved I am thankful that our nice captain was saved-John Reginald Ryall.
  • sd Legislative branch: bicameral Federal Assembly (German - Bundesversammlung, French - Assemblee Federale, Italian - Assemblea Federale) Council of States: (German - Standerat, French - Conseil des Etats, Italian - Consiglio degli Stati); elections last held throughout 1995 (next to be held NA 1999); results - percent of vote by party NA; seats - (46 total) PRD 17, PDC 17, UDC 4, PSS 3, LPS 3, LdU 1, Ticino League 1 National Council: (German - Nationalrat, French - Conseil National, Italian - Consiglio Nazionale); elections last held 20 October 1995 (next to be held NA October 1999); results - percent of vote by party NA; seats - (200 total) PRD 45, PSS 54, PDC 34, UDC 30, GPS 8, LPS 7, FPS 6, LdU 6, SD 3, EVP 3, PdA 2, Ticino League 2
  • seed But I knowed you was not at the plase directed; and being afear'd of what fell out, so I kept them for your Honner, and so could not give um to you, until I seed you.
  • side At the other side of the entrance is Fort Bouc with a massive square tower in the centre and another lighthouse.
  • site The material of the hill, however, is not the hard argillaceous sandstone of the lock site, but merely alluvial.
  • sized With the assistance of our bearers, in a few hours we had a good-sized hut of bamboos put up, and strongly thatched with palm-leaves.
  • slide
  • snide
  • staid
  • Sadder He retired that night to his chamber a "sadder if not a wiser man;" he dreamed that the "statue" had given place to the unshapely figure of Leo X., and that "Lundy now stood where Walker stood before."
  • Sailed And the line didn't break, and overhead there sailed the eagle, with his black wings outspread and his white head looking down at me.
  • Sallied But in my time the gownsmen would have sallied out and brought him off before this.
  • Shied "Do you remember the day I shied that awful ink-bottle at your head?
  • Sided She had a little earlier, in 1848, published her first novel, Mary Barton-a vivid but distinctly one-sided picture of factory life in Lancashire.
  • Sired The old woman had picked up arguments, both moral and economical, enough to have posed even Mr. Alexander H. Stephens himself, the philosophical apostle of that new dispensation whose deity was born of the cotton-gin and sired by the devil Avarice.
  • Sited As an alternative to steam-turbine propulsion found in full-sized destroyers and larger warships, many US destroyer escorts of the World War II period had diesel-electric or turboelectric drive, in which the engine rooms functioned as power stations supplying current to electric motors sited close to the propellers.
  • Skied
  • Spied
  • Sued
  • Sadie Mrs. Ried sighed heavily, and Sadie turned away and ran up stairs, humming: "Oh, would I were a buttercup, A blossom in the meadow."
  • Sid Over went Sid, down rattled the wheel, up rose a cloud of dust, and sudden silence fell upon the girls at sight of this disaster.
  • sawed However divers went down and sawed off even these for reward; although the Syracusans drove in others.

37 words made from the letters saied

3 letter words made from saied:

aid, das, des, die, ida, ade, sad, dis, dia, sea, ies.

4 letter words made from saied:

5 letter words made from saied:

aside, daise, desai, saeid, sedai, aides, seida, saied, saedi, sidea, sedia.

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