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How to spell SAILER correctly?

If you find yourself mistakenly typing "sailer" instead of "sailor", worry not! Auto-correct can play tricks on us. The correct spelling is "sailor", referring to someone who navigates or works on a ship. Always double-check your spelling and rely on helpful tools like spell checkers to avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell sailer correctly

  • jailer The jailer was responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the prisoners in his custody.
  • mailer I used the mailer to send the package.
  • sable She had a sable coat that made her look sophisticated.
  • saddler The saddler expertly crafted a beautiful new saddle for the horse.
  • sail I'm going to sail on this beautiful boat.
  • Sailed The boat sailed smoothly across the blue-green water.
  • sailor The old sailor spent his days reminiscing about his adventures at sea.
  • Sailors The sailors had to weather the storm while sailing through rough waters.
  • sails The ship's sails billowed in the wind as it raced across the ocean.
  • sale I'm going to have to sell my car at the sale tomorrow.
  • salem The witch trial of 1692 was a frightening time in Salem.
  • sales I'm going to the sales meeting tomorrow.
  • salter I asked the salter at the grocery store to sprinkle some salt on my popcorn.
  • salver Inside the salver was a silver tray with a varnished wood top and a selection of delic
  • sealer I need to purchase a new sealer for my driveway to protect it from the winter weather.
  • seller The seller was hesitant to negotiate the price of the car.
  • silver I am wearing a beautiful silver pendant around my neck.
  • smaller We need a smaller bag.
  • smile In his smile, you could see the happiness he derived from life.
  • spoiler In the movie, the main character finds out the truth about his family. A spoiler alert!
  • stile She had to climb over the stile to reach the other side of the fence.
  • Stiller He was the only son of actor Peter Stiller.
  • wailer He was a nameless wailer, a singer of sorrow and rage, whose soul was rent asunder by the horrors

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