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How to spell SAILES correctly?

If "sailes" is meant to be "sails" then some possible suggestions for the misspelling are: "sales", "sailles", "soulless", and "seals". However, the most correct suggestion would be "sails" itself.

List of suggestions on how to spell sailes correctly

  • aisles The supermarket aisles were busy with shoppers searching for their groceries.
  • sables I have a pair of sables.
  • sail
  • Sailed We sailed on the ocean today.
  • Sailors Ship's bells chimed as sailors cleaned the decks.
  • sails She sails down the river on her boat.
  • sale The store is having a sale on all men's clothing.
  • sales
  • Sallies The group of friends planned to make frequent sallies into the surrounding woods during their camping trip.
  • Salves I applied several salves to the burn on my finger to soothe the pain.
  • Scales The doctor asked me to step on the scales to check my weight.
  • sidles My horse sidles when she gets spooked.
  • Silas Silas was an introverted and unassuming man.
  • sills I placed potted plants on my window sills to brighten up my apartment.
  • silos The company's organizational structure resulted in each department working in silos, which hindered collaboration and efficiency.
  • smiles
  • Snails I find snails to be quite pests.
  • Soils Soils are important for growing crops and sustaining animal populations.
  • stales
  • Stiles I was surprised to see Stiles standing in the hallway.

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