What is the correct spelling for SALAREY?

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Correct spelling for SALAREY

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Possible correct spellings for salarey

  • blare What parallels all this in the German case is an outbreak of patriotic abandon and an admirable spirit of unselfish sacrifice in furtherance of the dynastic prestige, an intoxication of patriotic blare culminating in the triumphant coronation at Versailles.
  • celery In her earlier days, the sight of an old hen wandering near a bed of celery, with a bed of beets in the middle distance, had suggested the salad for which she afterwards became somewhat famous.
  • flare "Ay, if we had a flare now, we should bring out the life-boat to fetch us in," cried Josh.
  • gallery Even his drawings are rare, and the one you see here is taken from a bigger sketch in the Uffizi Gallery of Florence.
  • glare And I went first toward a certain great glowing of fire that lay before me, and did seem joined to another great glare that went afar to my left.
  • sabre He was a man with a sabre-cut on his head, who for four days had lain quite still, with a grave Oriental face, which seemed in the tranquillity of death.
  • salad No supper is perfect without a salad.
  • salaried All these officials-some serving the township and others the county-were salaried, and greatly increased the size of the governmental apparatus formerly centered in the county court.
  • salary If you will meet me here to-morrow morning, say at eleven o'clock, I can give you cash for the purchase of the machine, and I shall be happy to pay you half a year's salary in advance."
  • sale As soon as the poor family had quitted the room, the sale of the other miserable articles continued, and last of all the old picture which used to serve to stop up the window, was sold at a high price to an artist, it having been discovered to be a painting of considerable value.
  • salem Many of the old Salem houses, too, had their family histories, with now and then the hint of some obscure crime or dark misfortune which haunted posterity with its curse till all the stock died out, or fell into poverty and evil ways, as in the Pyncheon family of Hawthorne's romance.
  • sales Where the occupants denied the title of the city, they were generally indifferent to the sales by the sheriff.
  • salivary Posterior salivary glands are not developed in Nautilus, but on each side in the wall of the buccal mass is a gland corresponding to the anterior salivary gland of the Dibranchiata.
  • sally You have a thousand good qualities, Ruth, high principles and a tender conscience, but you are not a swift runner, and you have not played " Sally Water" all day for nothing.
  • salter What were the antecedents of Noah and Salter Quick?
  • salty If you can eat salty meat and mouldy bread it's a fine life, Archie.
  • salutary Her affliction was most salutary, and worked a thorough reformation, which, had her life been spared, would have shown itself in her conduct.
  • salve He closed the salve-box, wiped his hands slowly and thoroughly on Sally's furry coat, stood up, went over to the corner and looked at the thermometer, and came back again.
  • salver Margaret had her arms full by this time, while Hugh was trying his best to carry a splendid fruit-bowl, a salver, two pitchers, and three vases, all at once.
  • scare He wanted to scare me, to blackmail me.
  • scary Bouncers – 1990s Remix (1991) Happy Families (1991) April in Paris (1992) The Office Party (1992) Passion Killers (1994) Dracula (1995, adaptation) Lucky Sods (1995) Shakers the Musical (1996) Gym and Tonic (1996) Weekend Breaks (1997) It Started with a Kiss (1997) Hooray for Hollywood (1998) The Weed (1998) Perfect Pitch (1998) Ella Chapman (1998) Thick as a Brick (1999) Big Trouble in the Little Bedroom (1999) Seasons in the Sun (2000) On a Night Like This (2000) Our House (2001) Departures (2001) Moby Dick (2002, adaptation) Young Hearts (2002) Men of the World (2002) Reunion (2002) The Crown Prince (2007) Next Best Thing (2007) Sold (2007) Our House (2008) Funny Turns (2009) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2010, adaptation) The Debt Collectors (2011) The Sculptors Surprise (2011) (Schools tour, co-written with Jane Thornton) Lost and Found (2012) (co-written with Jane Thornton) Losing The Plot (2013) A Kind of Loving (2013, adaptation) Shafted (2015) Scary Bikers (2018)
  • silvery On the second landing she again stood still and, leaning against a pillar, raised her arms and extended them towards the moon, in whose silvery light they gleamed like marble.
  • slake Would that I were a woman, and could weep, And slake hot rage with tears!
  • slate Anne pushed the slate away, and ran up stairs.
  • slavery The variety of experiences permitted within slavery allowed significant variations in the types of slaves who emerged.
  • slay Beat me, slay me, and I will bless you."
  • slurry Glass slurry decorations were applied to moulded 19th century beads possibly of Czech origin.
  • snare It was simply the removal of those incorrigible races to other scenes where they would have better chances of reform; and it was the removal of a constant snare to Israel.
  • solar But with their tremendous time control plant, and the space control, they reached the solar system in very little time.
  • spare
  • stare
  • sultry
  • surrey
  • Clare He viewed the matter in quite a different light from Angel; thought that what Tess had been was of no importance beside what she would be, and plainly told Clare that he was wrong in coming away from her.
  • Larry The silence was broken by Larry, who sprang forward and grasped Bates' hand.
  • Salaries The city spends $36,000 a year on salaries and supplies for these people.
  • Solaria
  • Valery
  • Sallie Sallie Dysart was a great belle,-she had no end of affairs, and then she married Paul Potter.
  • Valarie
  • SLR Notable manufacturers of large format and roll film SLR cameras include Bronica, Graflex, Hasselblad, Mamiya, and Pentax.

157 words made from the letters salarey

3 letter words made from salarey:

era, lea, are, ara, sea, res, ayr, yes, ley, asl, als, ear, say, ala, sle, lay, ray, ale, rya, esr, ler, lye, rye, yea, aas, sly, ras, aar.

4 letter words made from salarey:

eral, area, leys, ryes, sale, aryl, rase, layr, erya, easy, arey, laye, yale, lear, ayer, alay, slay, alar, slye, aare, eyra, yasa, aaye, rale, ares, ryle, yeas, yrsa, ealy, seal, aras, rely, ryas, arse, seya, lyra, reay, eyas, lyre, asea, reys, rayl, earl, seay, ayre, esla, ayar, elya, sear, yser, lery, real, ayas, aery, saya, alas, laya, year, lays.

5 letter words made from salarey:

laser, rayle, aeras, larsa, rayas, arsal, searl, realy, sayar, esala, ayase, lyrae, saale, sarel, selya, rasey, ryaas, arsey, rayes, saler, saray, lyase, ayles, reaal, saare, aysel, ayesa, aseal, yales, yaser, alery, sayel, sayle, ryles, eyras, layer, resay, early, aryls, reals, sealy, arale, seral, relay, lyres, slyer, ayars, laers, alyea, alsea, asare, leray, elara, layar, years, lyras, ayler, alers, areal, yaars, reasy, sarla, selar, yasar, alays, alary, ryals, sylar, syler, leary.

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