Correct spelling for SALDE

We think the word salde is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for salde

  • lade To that I will reply that the kingdom of China is so full of merchandise, and the Sangleys are so shrewd in commerce, and so keen after gain, that they know what quantity of that merchandise is needed by the English, how much by the Dutch, and what quantity ought to be sold in all of Japon-and that with so great exactness that a tailor, after once seeing the figure of a person, decides how much goods is necessary to clothe him. They do the same in regard to us, and, knowing that only two ships sail annually to Nueva Espana, they generally have in the Parian the quantity necessary to lade those ships.
  • sad "Oh, Yvonne," cried Prince Godfrey, "your voice is sad when it should be glad.
  • saddle Henry Holtspur sprang from his saddle, and glided in among the trees.
  • sade In India, robbers, murderers, gamblers, prostitutes, and maniacs all have their appropriate gods, and had the Marquis de Sade been a Hindu he would probably have founded a new tantric sect.
  • sadly The wind swept sadly over the dark fields.
  • salad "Lobster-salad and chicken-croquettes I've had, and neither were very good.
  • sale Mr. Ayres offered his plant for sale, went to New York in the summer and disposed of it in Wall street for $30,000. The mill was never afterwards run and I believe, none of the mines ever worked.
  • salt Tristram Salt, then, in full.
  • salted And his wife's grave was overgrown by salted grass as were the rest.
  • salter "If these troublous times hold long amongst us," wrote William Hallam, a salter of Burnham, in Essex County, England, "we must all faine come to Virginia."
  • salty But when he lost his swamper, smitten without warning at the noon halt, Salty quit his job; he said it was "too durn hot."
  • salute Mrs. Cliff, in a costume quite simple, but as rich as her conscience would allow, felt within herself all the uplifting influence of her wealth, as she stepped forward to salute this lady who had always been so uplifted by her wealth.
  • salve From the root of the black briony they obtain a fine salve for sores, and extract a rich yellow dye.
  • scald When they drove into the little yard, Lylie, the dairymaid, was mixing barley-meal and scald-milk for the pigs and carrying on bucolic flirtation with Billy Penticost.
  • scaled I flogged a rebellious horse to Gold View, and I scaled Beaumont and looked down into Chunn's Cove.
  • sealed The reply Theodore had at last granted to our repeated demands was not courteous, nor even civil-it was neither signed nor sealed; he ordered us to proceed through the distant and unhealthy route of the Soudan, and, once arrived at Metemma, to inform him of our arrival there, and that he would then provide us with an escort.
  • sidle Through any crowd that man will come sidling towards me, ruthless and irresistible as fate; while I, foreknowing my doom, sidle also him- wards, and flatter myself that no sign of my inward apprehension has escaped me.
  • slat The canvas had been rolled up, as it had begun to slat heavily against the masts with the heave from a long, quick swell that ran rapidly from the southward.
  • slate On turning over the slate we found the girl had written "Drunkenness clothes a man with rags."
  • slater Melly Slater, trying to borrow half a dollar from you?
  • sled It was a long pull, but they all worked at it until at last they hauled the sled out into the half-made road to Mink Lake.
  • slide He was surprised to find that there was a natural avenue which allowed him to slide in under fair cover.
  • slider 485, is sometimes placed on the front side of the slider, as in the figure, and at others on the back; when it is placed in the front the strain of the cut causes it to be compressed against the slide, and there is a strain placed upon the screws f which lifts them up, whereas if placed on the other side the screws are relieved of strain, save such as is caused by the setting of the gib up.
  • soiled Sandusky, coatless, was dressed in a white shirt, with a red tie, and wore a soiled, figured waistcoat fastened at the bottom by a cut-glass button.
  • sold Tobacco sold at Grutness at 4d.
  • solder For example, plumber's solder melts at a lower temperature than either Ph or Sn, of which it is composed.
  • soled No flowers would grow in the garden, now trampled hard by the india-rubber-soled feet of many dogs; but Dickie did his best with window-boxes, and every window was underlined by a bright dash of color-creeping-jenny, Brompton stocks, stonecrop, and late tulips, and all bought from the barrows in the High Street, made a brave show.
  • stale
  • Sailed Then towards the end of November a report reached them from Anthony at Lambeth that the fleet had sailed; but had put back into Falmouth after a terrible storm in the Channel.
  • Sal "That be Mary Tavy's Old Sal, what she thinks the world of.
  • Sallied Twelve years gone it is Since he the last time sallied forth one spring With Asgaut there and all his old time warriors.
  • Salved Conscience may be salved by the reflection that it is as difficult to find a woman without some stray claim to beauty as it is to light upon a dame of sixty without a grey hair.
  • Slid Then, on their heels, he stood the Sky Wagon up on a wing and slid down toward the muddy river below.
  • Slued As the waters closed over the body, the box slued around and came to rest on the bank.
  • Staled
  • Sadie Poor Ester never forgot the soda, nor indeed anything else, in her life; but then Sadie was so overflowing with sparkle and good humor.
  • soloed
  • Salado And when at length the account came of the shootings at El Salado, apprehensively as ever scanned she that death-roll of nigh twenty names-the decimated; not breathing freely until she had reached the last, and saw that no more among these was his she feared to find.

32 words made from the letters salde

3 letter words made from salde:

asl, sea, dal, ade, sad, ale, sle, dle, led, lsd, lad, als, eld, lea, das, des.

4 letter words made from salde:

5 letter words made from salde:

lades, delas, deals, leads, dales.

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