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How to spell SALKES correctly?

If you meant to instead write "sakes", here are a few possible correct suggestions. 1. "Sales" refers to the exchange of goods/services for money. 2. "Shakes" signifies a trembling movement or a beverage made by mixing milk/ice cream. 3. "Salads" represent dishes consisting of mixed vegetables. Remember to double-check your spelling to ensure clear communication!

List of suggestions on how to spell salkes correctly

  • lakes Nearby lakes offer a wide range of recreational activities.
  • sacks I love shopping at the mall, but I always end up getting these huge sacks of candy.
  • sages We spoke to a few local sages to get their advice.
  • sales The company's sales have increased by 20% over the past year.
  • salk I need to take the salk out of the freezer.
  • Sallies Sir James Sallies is one of the most successful defense lawyers in London.
  • Salves I always bring my Salves with me on trips.
  • Scales I need to weigh these ingredients on the scales before I start cooking.
  • silks The wealthy merchant traded in exotic silks from the Far East.
  • slakes After a long walk under the sun, the cold drink slakes my thirst.
  • snakes
  • stakes The stakes were high as it was the final game of the season and determined whether or not the team would make it to the playoffs.
  • stalkers The actress had to hire security because she was being followed by several stalkers.
  • stalks She walked tall and proud, her long vine-like stalks swaying rhythmically in the wind.
  • Sulkies
  • Sulks Whenever she doesn't get her way, she sulks and refuses to talk to anyone.
  • Sykes I have a brother named Sykes.

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