Correct spelling for SALKING

We think the word salking is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for salking

  • Balking(Definition of balking)
  • And no one has escaped the temporary balking of his thought by failure to find a suitable word to convey the intended meaning.

  • Sacking(Definition of sacking)
  • 100 strong sacking bags.

  • Salving(Definition of salving)
  • And there is this difference in their attitude to kings, that those knightly irishmen of old, driven homeless over-sea, appeared as exiles suppliant for shelter before the face of the grand monarch, and he, no doubt with exquisite french grace, gave back to them all they had lost except what was lost forever, salving so far as he could the injustice suffered by each.

  • Slicking
  • Then came scouring machines, in which a rapidly revolving stiff brush is used to scour the grain or hair side, removing the superfluous colouring matter, called the bloom, and softening and cleansing the hide; the slicking or polishing machines to clean, stretch and smooth the leather by glass, stone, or copper blades on a rapidly-moving belt carried over pulleys; whitening, buffing, skiving, fleshing and shaving machines, all for cutting off certain portions and inequalities of the leather, and reducing its thickness.

  • Stalking(Definition of stalking)
  • She felt again that particular anger she reserved for him, when she saw him stalking along, hoe in hand.

  • Sailing(Definition of sailing)
  • I wrote to the department and asked for sailing orders, because i could not bear to stay in the neighborhood, or even in the country, after such a bitter disappointment."

  • Slaking(Definition of Slaking)
  • Burning and slaking afforded to man a natural means of putting it into form for distribution, and it is only within recent years that the pulverization of limestone for land has become a business of considerable magnitude.

  • Slacking(Definition of slacking)
  • 388, slightly bevelled as at b, or cupped as at d. if left flat or only slightly bevelled as at b, they are liable, if of steel and not hardened, or if of iron and case-hardened only, to bulge out as at c. this prevents them from slacking back easily or prevents removal if necessary, and even though of hardened steel they do not grip very firmly.

  • Calking(Definition of Calking)
  • The spars and cordage of some stranded coasting vessels, and a group of men calking their weather-beaten timbers, lend an added charm to an exceedingly picturesque scene.

  • Sling(Definition of sling)
  • "injun lak' sling all sam' white squaw," and he jerked his thumb toward the east.

  • Soaking(Definition of soaking)
  • Happy because he had not time to think of himself, but only of what he was doing, and of what he felt certain he could do: happy in his aching limbs and soaking flannels, and all that with a happiness he was for once not destined to realise and to check.

  • Sleeking
  • Listen, and appear to us, in name of great oceanus, by the earth-shaking neptune's mace, and tethys' grave majestic pace; 870 by hoary nereus' wrinkled look, and the carpathian wizard's hook; by scaly triton's winding shell, and old soothsaying glaucus' spell; by leucothea's lovely hands, 875 and her son that rules the strands; by thetis' tinsel-slippered feet, and the songs of sirens sweet; by dead parthenope's dear tomb, and fair ligea's golden comb, 880 wherewith she sits on diamond rocks sleeking her soft alluring locks; by all the nymphs that nightly dance upon thy streams with wily glance; rise, rise, and heave thy rosy head 885 from thy coral-paven bed, and bridle in thy headlong wave, till thou our summons answered have.

  • Talking(Definition of talking)
  • She returned to the room, with a look of steady pleasure in her eyes, and she was talking to ralph denham, who followed her.

  • Sulking
  • It was roderick salt, who had been sitting there and sulking since the engagement began.

  • Slagging
  • The calcining may be effectively carried out in an ordinary reverberatory furnace, the only skill required being to prevent over roasting and so slagging the concentrates; or not sufficiently calcining so as to remove all deleterious constituents; the subject, however, is fully treated in chapter viii.

  • Sealing(Definition of sealing)
  • 11,046. and in some years the number of men employed in the sealing and whaling would be greater?

  • Scaling(Definition of scaling)
  • There are here no level plains, no smooth paths over which a landau or tilbury might glide, but, on the contrary, a rugged and stony track, sometimes leading down the face of steep hills, sometimes scaling heights which at the distance of a mile appear to be almost perpendicular, and sometimes winding along the side of a cliff, and by the edge of a fearful precipice.

  • Walking(Definition of walking)
  • Two years ago, one day in the early spring, i was walking on an extensive down in another part of wiltshire with the tenant of the land, who began there as a large sheep-farmer, but eventually finding that he could make more with rabbits than with sheep turned most of his land into a warren.

  • Salting(Definition of salting)
  • Against that, balance what i offer-free play in a helpless city, and no one to hinder you from salting away as many millions as you can carry off!"

179 words made from the letters salking

5 letter words made from salking:

align, galik, slink, sinal, likas, akins, galsi, sinag, niska, sialk, algin, ilang, ginks, nasik, saing, ingls, silna, kings, kangs, kisna, laing, langi, gilas, alkis, ligan, aking, glisk, klina, iskan, klain, kisan, kinas, kalsi, sling, ligas, glais, siang, kinga, gilsa, ganis, kails, lings, langs, sigan, askin, gilan, asing, nails, glans, naiks, knags, lakis, lanks, slang, laiks, agins, kagin, kains, ginas, aling, ikans, klang, klans, ilsan, snail, kansi, kalis, ksani, nisga, glaik, sangi, liska, aslin, kaing, laski, isang, sanli, kiang, slain, gikas, glina, skali, kling, nilas, kilns, skail, singl, links, kanis.

4 letter words made from salking:

kiga, king, siak, gask, ling, lisk, gnal, kiln, saik, sail, lika, glis, sknl, sing, nisl, inks, link, lags, kgil, gila, gank, kagi, kail, sian, skal, sika, knla, skai, asin, lank, laik, sign, inga, gaik, kina, salk, lasn, nagl, akin, nags, sink, lagi, anil, saki, gaki, slag, nask, ings, agni, glan, silk, kali, sial, klin, klan, sang, laks, glia, snag, glik, asik, gain, nail, skin, ilna, nagi.

3 letter words made from salking:

gas, gal, ail, sag, ali, kin, sin, ask, ink, iga, nag, nig, gin, ski, ani, als, lag, lin, asl, ans, lan, nil, ilk, ain.