Correct spelling for SALLERY

We think the word sallery is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sallery

  • celery A few sticks of celery.
  • gallery "Then I went upstairs again, but I could not go to my room, but stood at the gallery window outside looking down at the court, for I knew that if there was any danger it would come from there.
  • raillery Sadie answered in her usual tones of raillery; all her dignity had departed.
  • saddlery I knew Joe Slocombe could mend the harness with little trouble, as it was because he was what uncle Jay-Jay termed a "handy divil" at saddlery that he was retained at Caddagat.
  • salary I don't care about the salary, though the more the better."
  • sally Don't you see that Sally is trying to talk to you?"
  • salter Gibbens, Mary, marries W. M. Salter, 1, 248. Gifford Lectures.
  • salver The postman had to pass the dining-room en route by the circuitous drive to the front door, and when dinner was afoot he would hand the letters to the parlourmaid, who would divide them into two portions, and, putting both on a salver, offer the salver first to Mrs. and then to Mr. Spatt, while Mr. or Mrs. Spatt begged guests, if there were any, to excuse the quaint and indeed unusual custom, pardonable only on the plea that any tidings from London ought to be savoured instantly in such a place as Frinton.
  • scullery The scullery was warm and cosy, in spite of all the draughts.
  • seller Gallus, a print-seller, for whom later on he published several books on commission.
  • sellers Presently they emerged from the crowd of vegetable venders, fishmongers, and sweetmeat sellers into a broad green lane between two grave-yards, where the huge silent trees grew up straight and sad from the sea of white tombstones which stood at every angle, some already fallen, some looking as though they must fall at once, some still erect, according to the length of time which had elapsed since they were set up.
  • silvery Perhaps it was because it felt ashamed that it stooped before the wind that carried the reproachful music, and drowned it in a silvery rustle.
  • slavery The whole of that extensive parish is in the crown, which holds the detestable badge of ancient slavery over every tenant, of demanding under the name of harriot, the best moveable he dies possessed of-Thus death and the bailiff make their inroads together; they rob the family in a double capacity, each taking the best moveable.
  • slurry (8) Thorough control, from the facility of increasing or diminishing the flow of crushed slurry and of regulating the heat in the furnace as desirable.
  • Mallory Jem, run to Mallory as fast as you can for Dr. Holmes, and on to the police station.
  • Valery On Church Hill, now crowned by a few old stones, once stood a Norman church, dedicated to St. Valery, which, in its turn, occupied the site of an older Saxon building, supposed to have been the church which Bede refers to as being at Twyford, where a great synod of clergy was held in the year 684, and Cuthbert appointed Bishop of Lindisfarne.
  • homesteaded And this was confined principally to the county where Jean Baptiste had homesteaded.

147 words made from the letters sallery

4 letter words made from sallery:

lear, llay, real, seal, rely, rlly, ryes, lyra, leys, rase, lely, rale, ayre, lery, ryll, yser, yeas, sear, seay, erya, llyr, eral, ryas, eyra, rayl, leal, arse, llys, ares, elya, ells, lyre, laye, layl, ryle, yrsa, reys, leyl, reay, yale, lays, syll, aryl, easy, eyas, yall, sell, seya, layr, arey, esla, slye, yell, ayer, earl, year, rall, ealy, ally, aery, sale, slay.

3 letter words made from sallery:

ler, lye, all, rye, ell, ear, lay, ley, ayr, ray, are, ale, lea, ras, sea, yea, era, say, res, rya, sly, als, esr, yes, sle, asl.

5 letter words made from sallery:

lyase, aysel, reasy, sayle, searl, ellys, ryall, rayes, lyles, llera, early, rasey, sylla, reals, layer, ayler, sylar, arsey, syler, alers, lyres, yales, alery, resay, earll, sealy, years, yella, leral, selly, ayles, sally, sayel, ellas, slyer, relay, saler, lyras, relly, eyras, sarel, ryals, leray, seral, leary, lyrae, laers, llyra, selya, yells, realy, ryles, laser, alley, selar, aryls, rally, yaser, rayle.

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