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How to spell SALLING correctly?

If you're unsure about the correct spelling of "salling", it may be a misspelling of "selling". Another possibility is "sailing", which refers to traveling on water using a boat. Always double-check the context for the intended word to ensure accuracy and effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell salling correctly

  • Balling It was so hot outside that I needed to take my balling off before I started sweating.
  • calling
  • falling I am afraid of falling from high places.
  • galling It is galling to see someone else taking credit for your hard work.
  • Palling Palling around with friends all day was a great way to get over my last bad breakup.
  • Saddling The cowboy was saddling his horse before setting out on his journey.
  • sailing My friends and I went sailing on the lake last weekend.
  • sailings The sailings were canceled due to the storm warning.
  • saline
  • Sallie I know a girl named Sallie.
  • Sallying I wasn't sure if Sallying was a word or not, but I looked it up and it is!
  • salting
  • Saluting
  • salving After she finished her cleaning, she decided to try her hand at salving.
  • sapling A sapling is a small tree.
  • scaling Scaling a problem is always difficult, but often necessary.
  • sculling I enjoy sculling on the lake early in the morning.
  • sealing The sealing on the jar wasn't tight enough, so the contents spilled out.
  • selling
  • sling I always carry my sling in case I need to shoot a wild animal.
  • Sluing The truck driver tried to avoid sluing on the icy road.
  • smelling I'm smelling the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies.
  • snailing I saw a snailing procession of ants carrying food back to their nest.
  • Snarling The dog stood there, snarling at the mailman as he approached the front door.
  • soiling The rain made the mud in the yard much deeper and my shoes were soiling from it.
  • Soling I always like to soling when I hit the green.
  • soloing Since she was a soloing musician, she was often the only performer at the local music venues.
  • spelling They were unable to correct his spelling errors.
  • spilling He was spilling his coffee all over the table.
  • squalling The baby kept us up all night with his squalling cries.
  • Staling
  • stalling The car was going so slow, I thought she was stalling.
  • starling The starling flew into the open door.
  • Stilling The stilling of my mind was necessary for me to achieve inner peace.
  • Sullying Her dress was sullying with mud.
  • swelling My head is killing me, it's bloating from the swelling.
  • swilling
  • Walling I spent the whole day walling up the garden to keep the rabbits out.

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