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How to spell SANCOES correctly?

The correct spelling for "sancoes" is "sanctions". Some possible correct suggestions for misspelling "sancoes" are "sanction", "sanccione", "sactions" or "sancions". To avoid misspelling, it is best to double-check the spelling using a reliable source or a dictionary.

List of suggestions on how to spell sancoes correctly

  • CANOES We rented canoes to explore the nearby lake.
  • DANCES She goes to salsa dances every Friday night.
  • FANCIES She had fancied herself a painter since childhood.
  • LANCES The knights raised their lances as they charged towards the enemy army.
  • MANGOES Mangoes are often used in making smoothies and desserts.
  • RANCHES Many American families dream of owning their own ranches in the Wild West.
  • SANCHEZ Sanchez is the last name of a famous football player.
  • SANTOS Santos is a city located in the southeast region of Brazil.
  • SAUCES I always make sure to have a variety of sauces on hand for my meals.
  • SEANCES My uncle claimed he could communicate with the dead through seances, but I never believed him.
  • STANCES The politician took different stances on the issue, depending on the audience and context.
  • STANCHES The nurse stanches the wound to prevent further bleeding.

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