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How to spell SANPS correctly?

If you meant to type "sanps" but realized it was a misspelling, fret not! The correct word you're looking for is "snaps". You might also be referring to "saps" or "spans". All three options make sense depending on the intended context.

List of suggestions on how to spell sanps correctly

  • naps I always take little naps during the day to recharge my energy.
  • sands
  • Sans We had a sans-serif typeface for logos and titles.
  • saps I told him not to fall for that trick, but he is such a saps.
  • saunas I love visiting saunas to relax and detoxify my body.
  • sens
  • sins Forgiveness of all sins is granted to those who truly repent.
  • SIPS I took small sips of the hot tea to avoid burning my tongue.
  • slaps He slaps the mosquito on his arm.
  • snaps She was so angry that she had several verbal snaps at her boss.
  • snips I need some snips to cut this cord.
  • Soaps I enjoy watching different soaps on television during my free time.
  • Sons My sons love to play basketball with their friends in the park.
  • sops Her mother had always been a cook, but Betty didn't learn how to make sops until she was an adult.
  • spans The Golden Gate Bridge spans across the Golden Gate strait in San Francisco.
  • SUNS The suns were setting and painting the sky with beautiful hues of orange and pink.
  • sups I'll call you later with the sups about the party.
  • swaps The club traded Boris for a basketful of swaps.
  • ZAPS Tommy accidentally touched the electric fence and received a series of painful zaps.

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