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How to spell SAOUGHT correctly?

If you meant to write "saought" but ended up with a misspelling, don't worry! The correct spelling for what you intended to write is "sought". It means to actively look for something. Double-checking your spellings can prevent any confusion and ensure effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell saought correctly

  • aught I don't know aught about the topic.
  • Bought
  • Caught The thief was caught by the police while attempting to flee the scene.
  • Fought The two warriors fought bravely for hours on the battlefield.
  • naught
  • nought Despite his efforts, he could make nought of the complex maths problem.
  • ought I ought to study for my upcoming exam.
  • slough The dog's fur was so matted that a slough had formed on its back.
  • sough
  • sought The company sought new applicants for the open position.
  • taught
  • thought I thought he would arrive on time, but he was late again.
  • wrought The blacksmith had skillfully wrought the iron into an intricate design.

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