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How to spell SAR correctly?

If you meant to type "sar" and it turned out to be a misspelling, here are some possible replacement suggestions: "star", "say", "sir", "sat", "scar" or "salt". Double-checking your spelling will ensure clearer communication and avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell sar correctly

  • ar
  • bar I like to have a drink at the bar after work.
  • car I went to the dealership to test drive a car.
  • Dar
  • ear
  • far I can't go out with you tonight because I live too far away.
  • gar
  • jar I need to buy a jar of peanut butter from the grocery store.
  • mar The paint scratch on my car door left a mar that could not be fixed.
  • oar The rower used an oar to propel the boat through the water.
  • par The golfer hit a perfect par on the 18th hole to complete his round.
  • sa
  • Saar Saar is a river in Europe that flows through France and Germany.
  • sac The priest carried the sac filled with holy bread and wine to the altar.
  • sad I feel sad that I won't be able to attend the party tonight.
  • Sadr The Sadr Movement is a subsidiary of Iran's largest political party, the Islamic Republic Party.
  • sag As she grew older, her skin began to sag in places where it never had before.
  • Sal
  • sam Sam is a fantastic cook, his meals are always delicious.
  • San The San Francisco Bay Area is a great place to visit.
  • sap The tree's sap was a sticky and sweet substance.
  • Sara Sara is very beautiful.
  • sari My mother wore a beautiful cream-colored sari to the wedding.
  • SARS The SARS virus is a deadly airborne disease.
  • sat
  • saw I saw the sawmill across the river.
  • sax
  • say He didn't even look up to say hello.
  • scar
  • sear Please don't sear my steak.
  • sir Someone must be on their way to summon Sir Timothy Pongolle.
  • SLR I brought my SLR camera to capture the beautiful scenery during my hike.
  • soar The eagle spreads its wings and takes a soar through the sky.
  • spar I'm going to spar with her.
  • star
  • tar Tar is a black substance that is created when pine tar is burned.
  • UAR Bargaining for a better deal on UAR travel turned into a nightmare for one woman.
  • war The country was torn apart by war, leaving thousands of innocent people dead and the land devastated.

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