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How to spell SARE correctly?

If you are looking for the correct spelling of "sare", it may likely be "saree". A saree is a traditional Indian garment worn by women. This elegant attire is known for its graceful drape and rich cultural significance. The correct spelling is essential for effective communication and understanding.

List of suggestions on how to spell sare correctly

  • are
  • bare The tree was almost bare after all its leaves had fallen off.
  • care I take great care in preparing my meals to ensure they are healthy and nutritious.
  • dare
  • fare The train fare to the airport is quite inexpensive.
  • hare The hare scampered through the grass, darting left and right to avoid any potential danger.
  • mare Yesterday I saw a beautiful mare galloping in the open field.
  • pare She used a sharp knife to pare the apple to remove the skin.
  • rare It is rare to find such an incredible piece of artwork.
  • sabre The fencer wielded his sabre with precision and skill.
  • sade Sade's music is smooth and sultry.
  • safe I always wear my seatbelt to ensure a safe trip.
  • sage She consulted with a wise old sage in the village to seek advice on her problems.
  • sake
  • sale
  • same
  • sane After months of therapy, she finally felt like she was becoming sane again.
  • Sara
  • Sarge " Sarge gave orders to his troops before sending them into battle.
  • sari The graceful woman wore a stunning sari adorned with intricate embroidery to the wedding.
  • SARS
  • SASE When submitting your manuscript, don't forget to include a SASE for the editor's response.
  • sate I need a lot of food to sate my hunger after a long workout.
  • save
  • scare
  • sere The dry and sere landscape was a result of the prolonged drought.
  • share Let's share this pizza equally.
  • sire Would you like to meet the sire of the litter?
  • snare The hunter set up a snare to catch the wild rabbit that was eating his crops.
  • sore I have a sore throat today, so I won't be speaking much.
  • spare I always keep a spare umbrella in my car in case it rains.
  • stare
  • sure I am sure that I locked the front door when I left this morning.
  • tare The scale was reset to account for the tare weight of the container.
  • ware
  • xare

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