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How to spell SARTS correctly?

One plausible correction for the misspelling "sarts" could be "starts". Other possible suggestions may include "carts", "parts", "hearts" or "smart". However, the context and misspelled word's purpose will determine the most appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell sarts correctly

  • arts The school offers a variety of arts classes, including painting, sculpture, and photography.
  • artsy She had an artsy style that made her stand out in a crowd.
  • ATS The ATS system of the company efficiently screens resumes and selects the best candidate for the position.
  • carts There are carts for the packages.
  • CERTS I always keep a pack of Certs in my purse to freshen my breath after a meal.
  • darts I like playing darts with my friends after work.
  • HARTS The Harts family always had a big Valentine's Day celebration with heart-shaped treats and decorations.
  • marts Many retail stores have special discounts during the holiday marts.
  • parts I lost some parts of my phone after dropping it.
  • Rats I think my house is infested with rats.
  • Saints
  • salts The metal salts are useful in developing photosynthesis in plants.
  • santos The Santos family is known for their delicious Mexican recipes.
  • saris The women in India often wear brightly colored saris for special occasions.
  • SARS SARS, which stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, is a viral respiratory illness that caused a global outbreak in 2003.
  • sat I sat at my desk and started working on my project.
  • sates Eating a full meal sates my hunger for a few hours.
  • says
  • Scars After the accident, he had scars on his arms.
  • sears It is said that Sears, Roebuck and Co. invented the shopping mall.
  • seats She reserved two seats for the upcoming concert.
  • sets She always sets the table before dinner.
  • SETTS After hiking for hours, the group setts up camp for the night.
  • SITS The cat sits lazily on the windowsill.
  • SLATS The old window had many broken slats.
  • smarts She relied on her smarts to solve the complex mathematical problem.
  • soars The eagle soars gracefully through the clear blue sky.
  • sorts She arranged her collection of stamps into various sorts according to their countries and age.
  • SOTS It's a shame that SOTS is cancelled.
  • spars The trees became spars as we climbed higher up the mountain.
  • spats He wore spats on his shoes as a sign of his old-fashioned style.
  • stars
  • start
  • starts
  • STATS I'll have to check my stats to make sure I'm meeting my expectations.
  • suits
  • SWATS The police unit, also known as the Special Weapons and Tactics team, uses SWATS gear during high-risk situations.
  • TARTS I always buy my aunt's tarts.
  • Warts She went to the dermatologist to have her warts removed.

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