Correct spelling for SASE SHOT

We think the word sase shot is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sase shot

  • said Said the judge, "You said it."
  • side He dropped the blind and came over to her side.
  • society I consider that when society subjected me to the indignity of arrest, I was relieved of all responsibility.
  • state Knowing the desperate state of the garrison at Barcelona, and that at any hour he might receive news that an assault had been delivered and the city captured, his disappointment at the delay in the appearance of the fleet was unbounded.
  • stay Altho his mind is as powerful as ever up to the last years of his stay in London, 'Cymbeline' and 'A Winter's Tale' are far inferior to 'Hamlet' and to 'Macbeth'; and the cause is apparently little more than a carelessness of technic, an unwillingness to take the trouble needful to master his material and to present it in due proportion.
  • study It will take a very real degree of courage and perseverance to carry out a course of practice in conceptive and constructive technique long enough to accomplish its end. But if you will lay out for yourself along the lines indicated here such a course of study and practice, and then will perform the necessary work, you will certainly gain more insight into the essential processes of fiction than you can acquire merely by accepting at face value such story-ideas as may come to you and by writing them out one after the other.

152 words made from the letters sase shot

3 letter words made from sase shot:

het, ass, soh, hot, eos, set, oat, ash, tsh, oas, hao, ate, hat, sea, hoe, tss, tao, sat, sha, eta, sot, toe, sth, est, tea, eat, e t, sos, sse, tho, a t.

4 letter words made from sase shot:

hoes, etah, hess, tosh, sets, taho, host, a to, sess, stoh, os s, soha, othe, seso, oate, sash, heat, sass, teso, thea, toss, oths, sesh, east, sate, hose, thse, teoh, taos, oast, seta, shot, seth, ashe, oahe, shoe, oeta, eats, s he, eash, seas, seat, seht, hate, to a, oath, toea, osha, hats, seha.

5 letter words made from sase shot:

hessa, stoas, setha, haseo, asset, haets, hesat, shass, tasho, toeas, hosea, seths, hosta, hosts, assos, hoest, sates, heats, aetos, s tea, sotah, ashot, haste, sesso, shoat, s hat, sehat, sateh, satoh, heass, as to, sasso, sathe, asseo, sasho, seats, oasts, staes, hetao, toses, otash, tasse, athos, tasss, hoast, ossea, hasso, sheas, so as, oates, hoses, shota, ethos, hests, stoae, hossa, tosas, hasse, stash, tasso, shoes, soths, sheat, stosh, sotha, estos, thoas, estas, easts, aesth, shets.

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