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How to spell SATARED correctly?

If you meant to type "started", a correct suggestion could be to replace the "a" with a "t". Another suggestion could be to add a "t" at the end to make it "started" or to add an "i" after the "t" to create "stated". Be sure to double-check your spelling to avoid errors!

List of suggestions on how to spell satared correctly

  • hatred
  • sacred The temple was considered a sacred place for the local community.
  • salaried Jane is a salaried employee of the company, which means she receives a fixed amount of money every month regardless of the hours she works.
  • sated After the satisfying meal, I was completely sated and didn't want to eat anything else.
  • satire The cartoon was a biting satire of the politician's latest scandal.
  • scared
  • seared
  • Snared
  • Soared The plane soared through the clouds towards its destination.
  • Spared The kind-hearted judge spared the defendant from serving jail time.
  • staged The play was staged by the community theater group.
  • Staked I had staked my claim on the picnic table by laying out my blanket and cooler.
  • Staled She always seems so bored when we go out; it's like she's staled on life.
  • stare
  • stared I stared at the newborn infant for a moment before looking away.
  • starer The man next to me on the bus was such a starer that I had to switch seats.
  • stares He stares at the horizon, lost in thought.
  • starred Starred reviews mean that the item has been reviewed by a number of people and has been given a good rating.
  • started I started my homework at six o'clock.
  • starved The survivors were starved and dehydrated after being lost in the wilderness for four days.
  • stated The report stated that the company had a 20% increase in profits.
  • Staved The sailor staved off dehydration by drinking plenty of water.
  • Stayed I stayed in bed all day due to my headache.
  • stored In the basement, Ann stored canned goods.
  • Sutured The wound was sutured with a single thread.
  • Tared I tared the weighing scale before weighing the ingredients.

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