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How to spell SATAUS correctly?

If you meant to type "status" but mistakenly spelled it as "sataus", here are some possible correct suggestions. Double-check your spelling and try "status", "stature" or "status quo". These options closely resemble the intended word and convey the meaning you might be looking for.

List of suggestions on how to spell sataus correctly

  • Sagas I love reading epic sagas about ancient mythical heroes.
  • salads I love to try new types of salads with unique ingredients.
  • satay I ordered a delicious plate of chicken satay with peanut sauce at the Thai restaurant.
  • sates The exotic dish sates my adventurous palate.
  • satyrs Nimble, satyrs bounded through the undergrowth, their rippling muscles broadcasting their excitement.
  • sitars The sound of the sitars filled the room during the Indian-themed party.
  • stabs
  • stags During the autumn, stags are known to roar in order to attract a mate.
  • stars
  • STATS Stats show that the team is doing poorly.
  • status
  • stays She stays up late watching movies.
  • TAUS

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