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How to spell SATBBED correctly?

The misspelling "satbbed" could possibly be corrected to "stabbed", as "t" and "b" are adjacent on a keyboard and could potentially have been mistyped. It could also be corrected to "sabbed" or "sapped", depending on context.

List of suggestions on how to spell satbbed correctly

  • Dabbed
  • sambaed She sambaed her way across the dance floor with grace and style.
  • sated She was so sated she could barely move.
  • Scabbed The wound was scabbed over and I was advised to keep it clean and dry.
  • Snubbed I was snubbed by my friend after we had been talking for hours.
  • Sobbed I was so Sobbed when she told me she was moving away.
  • stabbed The victim was found with multiple wounds on their chest, indicating that they had been stabbed.
  • Stubbed
  • subbed I subbed in for my teammate who was sick during yesterday's game.
  • Swabbed I swabbed the blood from the window.
  • tabbed I tabbed the page in my book for easy reference later.

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