Correct spelling for SATRUDAY

We think the word satruday is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for satruday

  • astride Crowds of people, jewels, bright color, anon a poor woman carrying her baby astride her hip, men, wimmen, children, a brilliant, movin' panorama.
  • sated At all events here is a vast subject for the sated traveller to grasp, and en passant he will absorb not a little of the spirit of other days and of past history, and something of the attitude of reverence for church architecture which is apparently born in every Frenchman,-at least to a far greater degree than in any other nationality,-whatever may be his present-day attitude of mind toward the subject of religion in the abstract.
  • satrap They had accordingly opened negotiations with Tamsapor, satrap of Adiabene, and suggested to him that he should sound his master on the subject of making peace with Rome.
  • saturate For very rude and rough joints, whether used under pressure or not, we may make, for either water or steam, a joint as follows: Taking four or five strands of hemp, we saturate them with a coating of white lead ground in oil, applying just sufficient to make the fibres of the hemp cling well together.
  • saturday Is this the path he would have taken if he'd gone to Ellersdeane on Saturday night?
  • starred The rules and regulations of the service prevailed not here; the starred and gartered general, the plumed and aiguilletted colonel obtained but little deference and less mercy from his more humble subaltern.
  • starry And the evening comes, and under the wide and starry sky they dash up again to Loreng-Loreng that lies there lighting them home with its long rows of glowing windows.
  • statuary For this reason as well as, perhaps, because of a remnant of barbarism in us, we love gold and glitter, and a great deal of elaboration in our vases, and are far from being over-critical of any piece of statuary which costs a respectable sum.
  • steady It would of necessity be fixed and steady.
  • stored Opening a certain chest, they took from it-stored there by his mother, Cosmo loved to think-another set of curtains, clean blankets, fine sheets, and a counterpane of silk patchwork, and put them all on the bed.
  • straw This was the last straw, and the Baron flew into a passion.
  • stray There was no sound now but the gentle murmur of the water and an occasional rustle of reeds, or of the leaves over his head, as a stray wandering puff of air passed through them on its way home to bed.
  • stria
  • stride
  • strudel
  • strut
  • stud
  • study
  • sturdy
  • Strata The sides of the faults, when perpendicular, are commonly several yards apart, and are sometimes as much as 50 yards asunder, the interval being filled with broken debris of the strata.
  • Strode
  • stared He stared at her from under gathered brows.
  • Sutured
  • Trudy
  • strays When, perchance, a frisking lamb strays near the woods where perils lie, the shepherd follows, and with the crook at the end of his staff draws the wanderer back to safety.
  • Estrada Election of the First Cuban Government-Candidates for the Presidency-Tomas Estrada Palma Chosen by Common Consent-General Maso's Candidacy-The Election-Close of the American Occupation-A Festal Week in Havana-Transfer of Authority to the Cuban Government-The Cuban Flag at Last Raised in Sovereignty of the Island-President Roosevelt's Estimate of General Wood's Work in Cuba-President Palma's Cabinet-His First Message-The United States Naval Station-Reciprocity Secured after Discreditable Delay at Washington.

255 words made from the letters satruday

3 letter words made from satruday:

tyr, sur, ada, rut, tay, sad, aas, dys, aar, sty, ara, ray, tar, sat, ras, rad, dts, day, rat, tad, urd, rya, tau, uta, try, usa, say, art, dat, ayr, das, dry.

4 letter words made from satruday:

dura, sadu, ayad, raus, arua, ayar, yust, drut, yasa, tsar, taua, arau, aura, rayt, drua, tsay, arty, tsur, uyar, dary, ards, data, ayus, aras, daut, audy, adar, ruad, yurt, dray, yura, ayts, saud, saya, rady, stud, star, dasu, ruys, dayu, daus, aday, ryas, dust, sard, tyas, trud, yadu, suar, ruyt, raud, raut, tara, tray, auty, arts, dayt, dyar, ryad, sady, trad, tary, yasu, surd, duta, tuya, ruta, urdy, rust, tays, atay, uray, asat, yrsa, saru, yard, ratu, ayat, asud, sura, dury, drau, dart, syda, daur, sayd, turd, tyus, udry, ruts, atar, duty, usry, styr, ayas, stay, asur, aury, days, yaad, stuy.

5 letter words made from satruday:

raadt, daras, aydar, dauts, rydas, drusa, dyaus, yasar, atrus, sadar, adust, rudas, staar, dusty, asura, daurs, yaars, draus, study, ratus, audas, drats, sayar, adyar, strad, ratua, suara, sadry, rytas, datus, dutar, ardas, saura, ryuta, artsy, duray, tadas, atray, suada, sadat, darus, ratas, stray, ardua, saady, duars, atuas, utada, duaas, astur, surya, turda, rusty, tayad, dutra, tayra, sudra, sayad, yasur, saray, darat, tarsy, turds, tasar, saryu, sarda, rasta, tayar, stary, ataru, urata, tardy, surat, yauds, yurts, ayrus, artau, suata, utara, tarau, rasau, saaru, yurta, stada, stura, satyr, ustad, ryaas, ayars, yatra, rayas, sudar, artsd, austa, radau, tarda, sadya, darts, suard, turay, yarta, satay, yards, ayats, tsuda, yuras, darst, saury, araud, asyut, duras, aurat, tyras, darty, sutra, dryas, udaya, ystad, ayuda, drays, satur, suart.

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