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How to spell SATTAES correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "sattaes", fear not! Here are a few correct alternatives: "states", "assets", "stares", "seats" or "satires". Remember to double-check your spelling before finalizing any written document.

List of suggestions on how to spell sattaes correctly

  • fatties I refuse to call them "fattys", they're just fatties.
  • lattes I love to start my day with a hot cup of lattes.
  • mattes I need to pick up some mattes from the store.
  • Patties I ordered a burger with two beef patties and cheese.
  • sates She sates her thirst with a cold glass of water.
  • satiates Eating a big meal usually satiates my hunger for a few hours.
  • satires She directed a series of satires aimed at the upper class.
  • settees The living room was elegantly decorated with two leather settees facing each other.
  • settles She finally settles on the decision to move to the city.
  • Tatties In Scotland, "tatties" is a common word for potatoes.

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