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How to spell SATUES correctly?

If you misspelled "satues", it's likely you meant "statues". To avoid such errors, utilize spell-check tools and proofread your work carefully. Alternatively, if you're referring to a different word, it is crucial to consult a dictionary or online resource to ensure accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell satues correctly

  • salutes She salutes me with a smile.
  • sate
  • sates
  • satires Jonathan Swift's satires were famous for their witty and insightful commentary on society.
  • sauces I love to experiment with different sauces to elevate my cooking to the next level.
  • sites There are thousands of archaeological sites across the country.
  • skates I bought a new pair of skates for the winter season.
  • slates The teacher handed out slates for the students to write their answers on.
  • spates The spates of the typhoon left the coast ravaged.
  • states The United States of America has 50 states.
  • statue The statue of Liberty is a famous icon of the United States.
  • statues The museum's grand exhibition featured several striking statues of historical figures.
  • status I need to get to my status meeting.
  • Sties She had to get up really early to get to work on time and then go to Sties to buy her breakfast.
  • stubs He always keeps the movie stubs as souvenirs of his favorite films.
  • studs He wore his favorite leather jacket with studs on it to the concert.
  • stuns The dazzling performance by the acrobat stuns the audience.
  • sues
  • Sutures The surgeon carefully sewed the sutures to close the incision.
  • tues

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