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How to spell SAUING correctly?

If you accidentally spell "sauing" when you intended to write "saving", there are a couple of possible corrections. One suggestion could be "saying", which totally changes the meaning but fixes the error. Another option might be "suing", which has a similar spelling but differs in meaning from "saving."

List of suggestions on how to spell sauing correctly

  • acing He was acing all of his exams, impressing his professors with his knowledge and dedication.
  • causing The heavy rainstorm is causing flooding in many parts of the city.
  • issuing The bank is issuing new credit cards to its customers with upgraded security features.
  • Pausing I am pausing to catch my breath before continuing the race.
  • sabin Sabin is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cupressaceae.
  • sacking The sacking of the employee was a result of his inappropriate behavior.
  • sagging The old couch was sagging in the middle from years of use.
  • sailing I love sailing across the ocean during the summertime.
  • saint Saint Theresa was a saintly lady.
  • sang Johnathon sang a beautiful song.
  • Sapping The constant rain is sapping the energy of the football players during the game.
  • sassing
  • satin Sarah is wearing a black tunic with a satin bodice.
  • Sating I am sating my thirst with this cold glass of water.
  • Saucing She was saucing the dish with a generous amount of chili sauce.
  • sauna After a long day of skiing, I like to sit in the sauna to warm up my muscles.
  • sauteing I enjoy sauteing vegetables in olive oil for a healthy side dish.
  • saving I am saving up money to buy a new laptop.
  • Sawing I was sawing the board when I heard the noise outside.
  • saying
  • sealing She used a sealing charm to keep the food fresh.
  • Seaming She was seaming the edges of the dress to make sure it fit perfectly.
  • Searing
  • seating The seating in the restaurant was comfortable and offered a great view of the city skyline.
  • seeing
  • sing I can't wait to hear him sing tonight.
  • sling I need to get a new sling for my rifle because my old one is torn.
  • Sluing As the alarm clock blared, she threw the covers off, raced to the shower and sluing through her hair pulled it
  • soaking
  • Soaping I'm going to take a quick shower before I start soaping.
  • soaring The eagle spread its wings and began soaring high above the mountains.
  • souring The cost of production is rising, souring the profitability of the company.
  • sousing The recipe called for the fish to be soaked in a sousing mixture of vinegar and herbs before cooking.
  • sting
  • Suing The company is suing the customer for harassment.
  • sung The choir members have sung the national anthem in perfect harmony.
  • swing I'd like to take the swing at that.

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