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How to spell SAVIED correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "savied" when you intended to write "saved", don't worry - we all make typos! To rectify the error, you can consider using the correct spelling "saved" which refers to preserving or safeguarding something.

List of suggestions on how to spell savied correctly

  • avid She was an avid reader of classic literature, and had read all of Jane Austen's novels.
  • Caved After much persuasion, she finally caved and agreed to go on the roller coaster.
  • david David is a popular name for boys in many countries.
  • ivied The cottage had ivied walls that added to its charm.
  • Laved The cool ocean waves laved his sunburned skin, relieving him from the harsh heat of the sun.
  • Levied The government levied a new tax on imported goods.
  • paved The road to the beach was paved with asphalt.
  • Raved The food critics raved about the new restaurant in town.
  • sacked The company sacked the employee for consistently arriving late to work.
  • Sadie Sadie was ecstatic to see her best friend after months of being apart.
  • Sagged The ball sagged badly in the outfield.
  • said I said I'm not interested.
  • Sailed His ship sailed without him.
  • Sallied The troops sallied forth to the attack.
  • Salved The nurse salved the patient's wound with antiseptic ointment.
  • Sapped I sapped my ankle on a rusty nail.
  • sassed He sassed his teacher and got sent to the principal's office.
  • sated After eating a large meal, I felt sated and did not want any dessert.
  • Sauced I made some sauced chicken for dinner.
  • savaged The village was savaged by the invading army, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.
  • save
  • saved I saved money by buying groceries in bulk.
  • saver Using coupons at the grocery store can be a real money saver.
  • saves She saves money by preparing her meals at home.
  • saving I'm saving money to buy a new laptop.
  • savior The paramedic who rescued the drowning child is hailed as a savior by the grateful community.
  • Savored
  • savvied I am Savvied when it comes to music.
  • sawed The carpenter sawed the wooden board into smaller pieces.
  • shaved He shaved his beard off for Movember.
  • Skied I skied down the mountain with my friends on a beautiful winter day.
  • Slaved I slaved over the hot stove all day to prepare the Thanksgiving feast for my family.
  • soviet My grandparents are from the Soviet Union.
  • Spied I spied on my neighbors through the window blinds.
  • Staved The coat was soiled with blood from when the Staved had been stabbed.
  • Waved The crowd waved as the parade marched past them.
  • xavier I'm afraid Xavier isn't available.

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